Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Facebook has more than 1 billion active users. This is a market that businesses are discovering and definitely should not be ignored. Yet most businesses- including real estate businesses- do not understand how to use Facebook to benefit their company. Part of the problem is there is a lot of industry noise that provides conflicting information. With no set path to success companies to not have a good sense of the direction they need to take, in order to maximize Facebook for their benefit.

Here are a few pointers that can get your business started in the right direction:

Have a plan

Just setting up a Facebook page will not attract customers. You would not begin an advertising campaign without any goals. Facebook should be approached the same way. Who are the clients you are trying to reach? Do you want to increase your name visibility? Are you trying to increase traffic to your website? Is your goal to increase sales?

As with all goal planning, your goals should be concrete and measurable. Set a realistic timeframe for reaching these goals, then track your progress and assess areas that need improvement.

Focus on Content

As with all things on the internet content is king. If customers and potential customers do not see value in your posts, they will not be interested in doing business with you. Posting relevant content and consistently posting is part of the secret to success with Facebook.

Other important features on content include:

  • Keep it short. Posts are not articles. The information should be short and to the point.
  • Make content engaging and relevant. Ask questions then provide solutions. Links to information will help customers find more details if they are interested.
  • Strategically use articles, images and videos
  • Be consistent. Create post on a regular schedule. People will not follow you if you do not provide new content on a regular and consistent basis.

Facebook provides four tabs which allow you to present yourself to those arriving at your page. This is your opportunity to tell viewers who you are and what valuable services you offer. This content needs to be engaging and capture their attention in a way that will create followers. It’s your one shot to create an impression.


Facebook allows you to advertise through the site. This is one way to increase followers and get your name out. They have very user friendly marketing tools which allow you to set a daily budget. It also allows you to target your audience very specifically. These features can create very cost effective advertising campaigns.

Using these basics, your company can increase its presence on Facebook and other social media sites. The industry is changing rapidly. As users and buyers are looking to more mobile access, those who are marketing where buyers are looking will find their business growing as a result.

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