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Real Estate, Homeownership & Mortgage Data

Property Data on 100% of U.S. Homes. The same current, accurate real estate data that fuels our leads can fuel your business.

Access the Largest Multisource Real Estate, Homeownership & Mortgage Data Set

iLeads relentlessly monitors the rapid pulse of the real estate economy, continually updating the largest data set of title, lien, tax, valuation sales history, comparable sales, property characteristics and much more.


Direct sourced public record data ensures accuracy and eliminates privacy concerns.


Nationwide coverage with more than 150 million property records representing 100% of the U.S. population.


99%+ percent of all U.S. county, municipal and special jurisdiction tax records.


Historical data on over 795 million real estate transactions.


Over 200 million updates annually.

iLeads Covers

All Your Real Estate Data Needs

iLeads provides nationwide, current property data that spans the U.S. and is updated daily.

Tax Assessor (Property Ownership)

Deeds & Mortgages


AVM Coverage

Assignments & Releases

Property Analytics

Real EstateLeverage these Real Estate Data Sets and Elements

Property Characteristics

Property Characteristics

Liens & Valuations

Liens & Valuations

Neighborhood Details

Neighborhood Details

Leverage the real estate data we use to fuel our own business

Current, Accurate Property Data How You Need It!

Real Estate API

Get the property data you need: ownership, characteristics, valuation, mortgage, liens, market data - the iLeads Real Estate Data API provides it all!

Real Estate Data Licensing

Access nationwide, accurate and current real estate data including property, homeownership, and mortgage data. License it all or only what you need.

Match & Append Real Estate Data

Enrich your inhouse data assets with the nation’s largest property, ownership and mortgage data set. Your data will be stronger with our real estate data.

Custom Data Solutions

Your business has specific opportunities and challenges to solve with data. Bring us your toughest challenge and we will create a custom data solution.

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