Gain Lead & Mortgage Loan Competitive Marketing Analytics with LeadXL Performance

Lead XL Performance tells you which leads funded and with which lender.  Mortgage marketers now have the intelligence to effectively deploy marketing spend and measure media effectiveness.

Measure Your Mortgage Marketing ROI

Mortgage lenders often struggle to measure ROI and marketing/lead effectiveness. It’s been nearly impossible to gain a clear understanding of a lender's own activity and impossible to understand actual market activity.   With LeadXL Performance, both are now possible.   Performance provides loan-level intelligence, including funding date, originating lender, and lien type on every mortgage lead from any media source. You will know now which leads funded, what loan product they chose, and with who.

The Cold Hard Facts

PerformanceInternet Mortgage Leads

Approximately 15% of Internet Leads fund a Loan

If you funded only 2%. We’ll tell you what happened to your other 13+%


95+% of Lenders fund less than 2% of the leads they purchase


40%+ of your Internet leads are dead at delivery         


30% of Internet leads fund with Lenders that didn’t buy them

3 Quick, Easy Steps to Lead and
Mortgage Loan Analtyics

The “quality” of your marketing spend
comes down to one thing …Closing rate.

It’s easy to understand your internal lead-to-close metrics, but what about your leads' true potential closing rates?  What about the closing rates for your competitors? How do you stack up?  How do your leads perform? It’s easy to know with Performance.

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Your Leads From Any Source.

image image

Processed through Performance for analysis

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Custom report delivered indicating lead loan status and opportunities

Performance Delivers the Mortgage Lead and

Loan Insight for Smart Marketing Decisions

Understand What Lead Sources Help You Win….

And Which Competitors Are Taking Loans Away from You!

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Understanding Your Potential ROI

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As a marketer, you are supposed to measure everything. As a lender sometimes the hardest thing for marketing to measure is performance against the marketplace. Now you can too. Just complete this form to learn more.


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