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GateKeeper Analyzes and Appends Property Data & Mortgage Loan Suggestions To Your Leads

GateKeeper Spots The Leads That Close Loans

Buying mortgage leads is easy. Buying mortgage leads that result in new loans is tough. GateKeeper is your solution to increasing the lead to loan conversation rate. GateKeeper is an API that provides real-time collateral analysis & loan suggestions on your mortgage leads. Using lending-based property data that spans over 99% of U.S. homeowners, GateKeeper appends and analyzes the underlying home (collateral) associated with your lead.

The Facts Are Clear

Buying Leads without GateKeeper is not Worth The Risk


15%+ of Leads Have Closed Prior To Purchase


10%+ of Refi Leads Won’t Pass Title Check


19%+ of Leads Won’t Pass LTV of Home Value Check


Enriches Your Mortgage Leads with Nationwide Property Data

GateKeeper instantly analyzes and enhances any internet lead sources to spot the leads most likely to fund. 

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GateKeeper Eliminates Common Pre Funding Roadblocks

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National Data Set

Accessing the national data set of over 145 million properties, GateKeeper can add 271 current title, valuation and property data elements in real time.

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Plus...GateKeeper Provides

Suitable Loan Suggestions for Each Lead!

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