Capture. Qualify. Close.

RealTag Delivers Qualified Leads for Call Centers and Marketers

Feed your call center with leads qualified through bank accurate homeownership, property, and mortgage data.

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The percentage of homeowners will list with the first agent they talk to.

The percentage of realtors that generate 93 to 90% of all transaction in the U.S.
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Percentage of new real estate leads / prospects that are sales ready
RealTag Provides Data Fueled Insight

To Turn Prospects Into Customers

It’s Simple. The more you know about a prospect, the more likely you are to close the deal. RealTag instantly delivers 271 points of the property, mortgage, and title information, all based on your prospect's name and address, enhancing your leads and your ability to close.   RealTag is the ultimate solution for lenders, call centers, and Internet marketers to go from short-form fills to property-centric data enriched long forms complete with the needed insight to turn prospects into customers.

Qualified Leads Fueled By Data

Real-Time or On Demand, always Accurate Data

Gain accurate property, mortgage and title information instantly via the RealTag API or On Demand through the RealTag SaaS.

All The Property-Centric Data Attributes You Need

Right at your fingertips, gain data from over 145+ million properties that include property characteristics, AVM-based valuation, loan information, tax information, title check – over 271 other points!

Super Powers To Close More Deals

Armed with data insight RealTag provides on prospects, you’ll instantly know if:

  • Your lead/prospect can qualify for a loan
  • Your prospect can close the deal
  • Your hot prospects are scorching!

RealTag gives you the power of information to close more!

How the RealTag API Delivers Qualified Prospects

With both validity checks as well as append and qualification,  Internet and even iPhone based traffic short-form to long-form lead gen becomes both profitable AND lendable.  The process is simple, accurate, and quick.

RealTag Properties Circlce
From fresh lead to fully qualified prospect almost instantly.
RealTag Shows You

What’s Missing From Your Leads & Prospect Intel

RealTag gives you a complete picture of your prospect and their property with 270+ rich data points in a convenient report format that provides a total view of the prospect and their property.

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It’s Time to Turn Your Prospected Into More Closings and Clients.

RealTag Gets It Done.

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See what's missing from your lead & prospect intel

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