Real Estate Cold Calling: Does It Still Work?

Let’s face it: nobody likes getting cold-called. The real estate industry has attracted more than a bit of flak for its use of this sales tactic over the years—much of it deserved—but real estate agents are used to living in the real world. The question isn’t whether people like it. The question is does it […]

Real Estate Marketing: How Important is It?

Real estate marketing is extremely important in today’s real estate industry, and it’s a vital skill that can possibly make or break a real estate business. Many real estate agents fall into a cycle of mediocrity that hinders their growth in the industry. This is where fresh and creative real estate marketing ideas come in. […]

Should You Invest in a Real Estate Call Center?

As the real estate business continues to boom due to demand and population growth, the biggest challenge faced by most business owners is how to manage their existing and potential customers, and at the same time keep up with the latest market innovations. The key to unlocking your potential and improving customer relations lies with […]

How to Keep Your Real Estate Agents Motivated

Your staff works harder and better when they are motivated. But how do you keep them motivated all the time? Here are some tips: Happy workers result in happy customers Keep your employees happy by providing them the right environment to work in. If you take care of their needs, they will take care of […]

Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Facebook has more than 1 billion active users. This is a market that businesses are discovering and definitely should not be ignored. Yet most businesses- including real estate businesses- do not understand how to use Facebook to benefit their company. Part of the problem is there is a lot of industry noise that provides conflicting […]

Attention Real Estate Agents! Are You Prepared?

The housing sector is witnessing very positive signs of recovery. Renewed customer interest is catalyzing more mortgaging, refinancing, and house buying queries. However, this doesn’t mean that every business unit is flourishing. Are you really prepared to survive and thrive in the current marketplace? What are we talking about? Do you have a unique product? […]

Why Big Data Will Prevail Among Real Estate Businesses

Every business sphere, from healthcare to human resources management, is increasingly becoming data-conscious. There are some skeptics who aren’t sure about big data becoming a standard among real estate businesses. It is worth noting that data-driven business practices are emerging across the national economy. The realization is common—Companies acknowledge that smarter data handling capability is […]