How to Keep Your Real Estate Agents Motivated

Your staff works harder and better when they are motivated. But how do you keep them motivated all the time? Here are some tips:

Happy workers result in happy customers

Keep your employees happy by providing them the right environment to work in. If you take care of their needs, they will take care of the needs of your customers. Provide them the training they require and reward them whenever they deliver great performance.

Offer positive feedback

Celebrate the success of your staff. You don’t have to spend lots of money to keep them motivated. Sometimes a simple phone call from the manager congratulating them for their performance will boost their morale.

Have a positive attitude

Consider the existing market scenario. If the market is down, you can’t expect your agents to convert all leads into sales. Encourage them to work harder, but if they fail to produce satisfactory results, don’t put the whole blame on them.

Provide the right tools

Make sure that your staff is provided with the right tools. You also need to hire people with the right set of skills. Also, make sure to set realistic targets.

Hire temporary workers

Have temporary workers to deal with increased customer demands.

Keep the right people

Encourage your best people, but there is no point in retaining employees who are not up to the mark. This might even unmotivate your entire team.

Keep things fresh.

If you do the same thing over and over again, it will become monotonous.

Offer quick fix prizes

Offer small prizes whenever they hit their targets. Monthly bonuses also work well.

Provide training

Provide relevant training. It acts as a great motivator.

Offer a nice working environment

Make sure that the workplace is neat and clean. Also ensure that the phones and computers all work well.

Reward your employees

People like to be praised and rewarded when they do something well.

Listen to your employees

This will help you understand what they want to perform better. Look at the call center from their point of view. You don’t necessarily have to agree with them, but try to understand them.

Let them know what their goals are

They should be able to see whether they are delivering satisfactory performance or not.

Reward immediately

Don’t wait until the end of the performance period to reward them. If they do something well, appreciate them then and there itself. This will keep them motivated. When they realize that their hard work gets rewarded immediately, they will work with their full potential.

Be careful about promoting your employees

Don’t promote top performing agents into management roles. When you move your well-performing agents into management roles, you will have to appoint someone less efficient to handle the front line. This will not help your call center. Also, many agents are not interested in managerial roles. Therefore, instead of promoting them, offer them better salaries.

Make it easy for them

If the agents have to navigate numerous desktop applications to deal with impatient customers, it will make them much less productive. Therefore the call center should deploy integration and automation tools.

Find out what motivates them

Different people are motivated by different things. Find out what things motivate your employees. Let them realize that they play a key role in the success of the organization.

Regular review sessions

Hold regular review sessions. This will help employees identify areas of their strength and weaknesses. Targets should be set for employees at the end of these sessions.

Encourage them to dress better

Make sure that your employees act and dress professionally.

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