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iLeads combines intent-based consumer leads with property, mortgage and homeownership data to fuel customer acquisition. Mortgage. Insurance. Homeowner Marketing. Real Estate Services.
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No other marketing, customer acquisition, or customer analytics provider can provide today’s smart marketers with the depth and breadth of solutions empowered by the iLeads data set to reach 100% of U.S. homeowners. In fact, every lead we provide to grow your business is enhanced with property, mortgage and ownership data.

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Leads Analyzed This Month

From lead generation, to lead enhancement to recovering lost opportunities in your CRM, iLeads has you covered.



Homeowners You Can Reach

Through our multi-source public record data set, we can help you reach and gain new business from homeowners across the nation.

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Clients Since Founding In 1996

We know how to generate happy customers for our clients.

Achieve Your Customer Acquisition Goals Through
The Power of Property Data

Customer Acquisition Suite to Grow Your Business Solutions

Discover all the Data, Tools and Insight Analytics Mortgage Lenders, Insurance Providers, Real Estate Professionals and Marketers Will Ever Need To Reach the Right Customers. 

Mortgage Leads To Reach the Best Borrowers &

Fund More Loans

Find the right mortgage loan prospects with less work. iLeads does the mortgage lead generation for you, delivering fresh, accurate mortgage leads tailored to your precise qualifications.


Fresh Mortgage Leads

Discover the best mortgage leads verified with data: property, lien, title, tax and more.


Credit Trigger Mortgage Leads

Increase approval rates by targeting customers who match your credit and collateral profile


Vintage Mortgage Leads

Get refinance or purchase intent leads yet to fund their loan but may still be in the market

Insurance Leads

Destined to Result in More Policies

Say goodbye to generating insurance prospects on your own. With the right insurance leads, you will save time, effort and increase results. 


Fresh Insurance Leads

Sell more policies with high intent internet generated insurance shopper leads.


Vintage Insurance Leads

High intent insurance leads who have completed an insurance request but may have not yet obtained a policy.


Health Insurance Leads

Benefit from health insurance leads enhanced with property and mortgage data.


Auto Insurance Leads

Drive away with the best auto insurance leads filled with insight to spot qualified customers.

Home Services

Homeowners are looking to improve and secure their homes. iLeads provides the homeowner leads that are a perfect match for the services you offer. 


Solar Leads

Solar leads are hot! Our solar leads provide the opportunity to get your solar on the right roofs.


Home Security Leads

Work safe, get the home security leads comprised of the most qualified homeowners.

Solar Leads
Direct to Homeowner Marketing Lists

For Precision Targeting

Take your direct marketing strategy beyond just a simple mailing list with the addition of property and mortgage lending data to precisely reach homeowners. 


Real Estate Lists

Discover new movers, absentee owners, foreclosure prospects, recent sales, nearby properties and more…


Mortgage Lending Lists

Increase approval rates by targeting customers who match your credit and collateral profile. FHA and VA Too!


Insurance Lists

Identify top insurance prospects, ex-date leads, high net worth, life insurance, mortgage protection and more…


Homeowner Lists

Across the nation or down the block. Reach the right homeowners based on property, title and lien information.

Insight Analytics To Enhance Your CRM &

Know Your Prospects Better

Leverage the data in your CRM, matched with Al-driven property, title, mortgage and valuation data to discover the opportunities in your CRM and in the market.



Real-time property data analysis and append for leads.



Identify the loan opportunities hiding in your CRM.



Lenders: know your competitive marketing ROI.



Instantly qualify prospects with homeownership data.

Tools That Make

Acquiring Customers Easy

Customer acquisition tools, services and data make finding and reaching the right customers...Easy.


Lead Apps, APIs & Widgets

iLeads intelligent mortgage lead engines drive traffic to your website.


Live Connect Hot Transfers

Our hot transfer platform delivers leads collaterally verified as a perfect match.


Real Estate Data Delivery

How and when you need real estate data: API, Licensing or Match & Append.

Real Estate Data to

Fuel Your Apps, SaaS & Analytics

By weaving multiple, intelligent real estate, tax and mortgage data sources into 360-degree of property and homeowner insight, iLeads provides the data fuel for your business. 


Property Characteristics

Current owner, year built, property use, bed/baths, pools and more!


Mortgage Liens

Mortgage amounts, loan type, lender names, type of loan and more!


Valuations (AVMs)

Know the bank level AVM for trusted property valuation insight.


Market & Neighborhood

Recent comps, to market volume, the average price per sq foot and more!

Data to Fuel Your Business

The Real Estate Data That Fuels Our Leads Propels Your Business Too!

Your business can leverage the most comprehensive, current residential property database for real-time insight on U.S. homes and homeowners across the nation or down the street. You can license the same real estate data we leverage to enhance the lead solutions we offer. Choose real estate API, Lists or Bulk.

Property Data for U.S. Homes

Deeds, Mortgages & Foreclosures

Assignments & Releases

AVM Coverage

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What Our Customers Say

Over 25 years working in IT services developing software applications and mobile apps for clients all over the world.


Our loan officers were complaining about the lead quality from our marketing team. We decided to test LiveConnect against the leads in our CRM and wow! We were able to connect with some leads that we didn’t know were still opportunities. Your agents brought us back in contact and our loan officers were brought into close.

Loan Officer

Loan officers need to be closers, not smile and dialers. LiveConnect put the hottest mortgage leads right in front of them. Your agents and data did all the gritty work! Thank you iLeads and LiveConnect!

Loan Agent

I was on the golf course when I got a call from your agent that connected me to a real estate investor looking for loan. It was a perfect fit lead, and we got the deal done!

Real Estate

Capitalize on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test. Override the digital divide with additional clickthroughs from DevOps. Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway.

Jorina Bibi
CEO, Brick Consulting
567 San Nicolas Drive Suite 180
Newport Beach CA 92660
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