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We’ve always been more than just a lead company.  In fact, we believe that to drive the best marketing ROI, you need to create more than just leads.  To create the best ROI you need to create actionable insight into every customer, at every touch point.

We drive marketing insight through data

Our comprehensive, current residential property databases give us real time insight into everything we do through  the largest asset that most American’s own: Their homes.

Our data warehouse includes continually updated title, lien, tax, valuation sales history, comparable sales, property characteristics and much more on over 99% of the U.S. population.  In fact in less than one second we can analyze and append hundreds of data points on every lead record that we see.

What can we do with that data?  Drive customer acquisition.  Develop analytics and insight.  Deliver technology solutions.

Give us a few seconds. We’ll show you what your leads are really telling you.

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What's So Special

About Property and Homeowner Data?

Ave. Homeowner Net Worth - $174,500


61% of U.S. Net Worth Is In Homes

A House Can Say A Lot...

Home Values, Equity, Estimated Income

In the race to convert leads, knowing more than the next guy is often the determining factor on who gets the business.  By adding our data matching , our clients can quickly pinpoint’s key financial data on any prospect and their property.

Residential Properties Are Proxies
For Consumer Financial Condition

If you need to decision in real time…If you need to increase your ROI on your marketing…If you need true nationwide coverage…we can help

  • Privacy free – Public record based, so no privacy concerns

  • Coverage – More than 145 million property records representing approximately 99.8 percent of the U.S. population

  • More than 99 percent of all U.S. county, municipal, and special tax jurisdictions tax records

  • Historical data on more than 795 million real estate transactions

Today, over a million leads, run on our data platforms every month, including over 90% of the mortgage lead market.

Our Homes Are Our Largest Investments

We Use 240+ Up To Date

Data Elements on 145+ Million Homes

The Property

  • Address confirmation

  • Title check

  •  Last purchase date

  • Purchase amount

  • Year built

  • Property use

  • Bed / Baths

  • Pool

  • Garage type

  • Total stories

  • Square footage

  • Zoning

  • School district

  • Tax amount

The Liens & Value

  • Current loan amount

  • Loan type

  • Foreclosure or  N.O.D

  • Banking AVM values

  • Estimated income

  • Loan type(s)

  • Originating lender name

  • Servicing lender

  • Last loan date

  • Interest rate & type

  • FHA/VA

  • ARM presence

  • ARM recast date

  • HARP eligibility

The Neighborhood

  • Recent comp sales

  • Comp owner name

  • Comp sale price

  • Comp bed / bath

  • Owner occupied

  • Comp taxes

  • Market volume indicator

  • Median price appreciation

  • Average price per sq. ft.

  • Neighborhood foreclosures

  • and much, much more!

The Smartest Marketers

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Real Estate

In Under 1 second...

We Access the Nation’s Homeowners

Know More From The First Hello!

Our suite of products is built with the simple idea that marketing and sales is war.  The winner is usually the organization that has the best (lead) intelligence.

iLeads Big Data

No More “Bogus” Leads

Every marketer wants the best leads for their sales floor.  And nothing makes a marketer cringe more than hearing “bogus lead” from their troops.  We can help solve the problem by allowing our clients to screen leads based on hard to defeat, inaccessible data including title, current lender, lien date(s), and loan balances.

Over 99% of The Homeowner Population

Our data warehouse covers nearly the entire US residential homeowner population.  With data coverage like that available, you’ll never worry that we’ll miss, or not be able to give you the crucial guidance that enable more ROI from every lead.

Real Time. Up To Date. Critical Data

We can will tell you more in milliseconds about any lead than you would find out in hours of homework!  No more guessing, no more missed opportunities.

What’s more, the data that we use for your leads is the same that banks use to make critical financial decisions about  properties in their portfolio.  Couple that accuracy with instant decisioning capabilities, and you have the recipe stunning marketing ROI.

We’re far from just another lead company

The iLeads Data Warehouse

Offering our clients unparalleled insight into their leads and customers, from the first time that they say “hello”.  Call us today at (877) 245-3237 or click here for more information on what our data can do for you today!

We’ll show you what 50,000+ past and current clients already know about…Success!

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