How Proptech Adoption Helps Fuel A Thriving Market

The real estate industry is facing disruption on two fronts: brokers are getting younger, and technology is changing how business is done. With older professionals retiring and recent grads entering the industry, it’s not surprising that this shift in demographics has brought other changes. Along with a shift in industry professionals comes an increase in […]

What Are the Most Affordable U.S. Cities for Middle-Class Purchasers?

In a new report from Redfin, an average family in the San Francisco area would need to nearly triple their annual income to comfortably purchase a median-priced home. In stark contrast, the typical family in Detroit earns more than twice as much as they’d need to afford a median-priced home. In San Francisco, ranked least […]

How to Evaluate an Opportunity Zone with the Right Property Data

Opportunity zones are front and center in the real estate industry. recently announced regulatory intelligence – which includes the defining of opportunity zones – as one of the biggest trends impacting the real estate environment in 2019. Opportunity zones across the U.S. offer investors one more factor to consider when assessing the best strategies for […]

The real estate web APIs race is on

After a span of slow adoption of APIs in real estate, there seems to be a turning point in the industry. This is good news for tech-conscious brokers, their vendors, and the MLSs who have long known that Web APIs offer more secure, more modern and faster way to manage data in the real estate […]

Investment in global fintech doubled in 2018

The total global fintech investment increased from $50.8 billion in 2017 to a full $111.8 billion in 2018, according to KPMG’s The Pulse of Fintech, a biannual report that highlights key trends in fintech across the globe. Lending, and the mortgage market in particular, has long been known as being behind the times when it […]

These are the best cities to buy in for real estate investors

Real estate investors that are looking to increase profits this year may want to head inward. According to new data, the Midwest region is home to the nation’s three best cities for residential investments. The best spots to invest in real estate According to the Q1 Residential Real Estate Investment Rankings from Compound, the Midwest is robust with […]

Are You Playing Fair? How to Leverage Fair Display In Your Real Estate Business

Technology vs. Fairness A few years ago, many in the real estate industry raised concerns about the business practices and formats of many websites, some owned by media companies and others by MLSs/associations and brokerages. Certain practices were seen as confusing; others were creating inefficiency in the dissemination of real estate information, and were disruptive […]

5 PropTech Predictions for the Rest of 2019

With just 4 months into 2019, PropTech’s impact on how real estate is used, bought, developed, managed and invested is exploding. Here are 5 predictions of what will be most popular in the PropTech industry for the rest of 2019. Disruption will give way to innovation The real estate market remains keen on more innovation […]

Why Is The Gap Between Owner and Appraiser Home Value Opinions Widening?

The average American homeowner thinks their home is appreciating faster than appraisers do. Appraisal values in January were an average of 0.47 percent lower than what homeowners estimated, according the national Quicken Loans Home Price Perception Index (HPPI). January was the third consecutive month in which the gap between these data points widened from the […]