Role of Big Data Analytics in the Mortgage Industry

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Big data analytics play a vital role in analyzing the huge volumes of mortgage data stored in the data mart or the data warehouse at considerably faster rates than using traditional data mining methods. Big data analytics is offered by a number of software frameworks including the Hadoop software framework, which is an open-source framework. […]

Why Your Big Data Reporting Needs to be Actionable

Big data is still a relatively less understood concept. It is true that almost everybody has heard about it. Several builders and brokers have also started working on it. Nonetheless, it may take years before big data becomes a mainstream concept, at least in the real estate industry. Most real estate companies do not have […]

Get Ready to Test Your Big Data Preparedness

The big data transformation is underway. Real estate businesses realize that their management roles and product development methodologies need to become more data-driven. Overall, big data is new to most companies. Many of them can get easily overwhelmed by its enormous potential. Here, we present answers to some big data questions that should help you […]

How Big Data Creates Value for Businesses and Consumers

It would be wrong to state that big data creates value for businesses only. Yes, this is the common perception, but customers have nearly as much to benefit from a data driven marketplace as real estate businesses. Understand this with an Example An example that beautifully mirrors the benefits of big data adoption across the […]