Lenders Close More Loans Using Analytics on Leads

Lenders Close More Loans Using Analytics on Leads The mortgage industry is changing.  As rates rise, the market is becoming much more competitive and origination rates are dropping. Increased competition will cause some lenders to go out of business, while others will increase loan funding and capture more market share. The lenders that thrive will […]

How to Increase Data Center Efficiency

(via Lead XL) Data centers are designed for performance, reliability and capacity, and most of the time it is at the expense of efficiency. Most data centers end up wasting a substantial amount of energy which unnecessarily increases the operation costs. If this situation is not checked, finite resources can end up being exhausted, leading […]

Role of Big Data Analytics in the Mortgage Industry

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Big data analytics play a vital role in analyzing the huge volumes of mortgage data stored in the data mart or the data warehouse at considerably faster rates than using traditional data mining methods. Big data analytics is offered by a number of software frameworks including the Hadoop software framework, which is an open-source framework. […]

Why Your Big Data Reporting Needs to be Actionable

Big data is still a relatively less understood concept. It is true that almost everybody has heard about it. Several builders and brokers have also started working on it. Nonetheless, it may take years before big data becomes a mainstream concept, at least in the real estate industry. Most real estate companies do not have […]

How to Make Big Data Work for You

Many real estate companies still don’t have a big data strategy, but that is not surprising. This is an emerging technology and as such there is a great deal of uncertainty about the outcome. Builders are yet to warm up to big data mainly because they don’t understand how data will benefit them. Needless to […]

How Realtors Can Benefit from Big Data

The last few years have been quite tough for the real estate industry. In fact, the subprime mortgage crisis in the US made it nearly impossible to get loans and drove buyers away from the market. The recession caused people to lose their jobs, and consequently, many of them were sapped of their ability to […]

Big Data Predictions

Big data was perhaps the biggest buzzword in 2013. People often used the phrase inappropriately without fully understanding what big data meant. This year they are going to understand the concept better. The year 2013 was a big year for ‘Big Data’. Although the big data technology didn’t improve much in 2013, the term sort […]

Real Estate Big Data Trends


Every year, IT industry experts provide a forecast for the year ahead. Something similar happened this year too, but the predictions had something unique about them. Each emerging tech trend insisted that big data will prevail and flourish across businesses of all types and sizes. This includes the real estate niche that seems very enthusiastic […]

What Skills are Associated with Big Data Scientists?

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With big data emerging as a necessity to survive in the current real estate marketplace, businesses are trying to understand the kind of skills associated with good big data professionals. However, only the bigger companies are spending on developing their own big data infrastructure. Other businesses, including refinancing and mortgage specialists, are evaluating quotes from […]

Big Data Adoption: Opportunities & Challenges


Though there is widespread acknowledgment about the many advantages associated with big data, some skewed and somewhat volatile trends have surfaced. Many real estate organizations are trying to “sample” big data. Some firms hire a data solutions provider for a few months. The pilot big data project is run for about 2 to 3 months. […]