Big Data Strategy Tips for Real Estate Businesses

iLeads data to fuel customer acquisition

Big data has been largely acknowledged by real estate businesses. They understand that a data-centric approach is the only cost-effective and result-oriented solution to survive and flourish in a very competitive marketplace. Here, we will talk about some strategies and precautions you must incorporate as you get ready to drive the big data wave: Be […]

Get Ready to Test Your Big Data Preparedness

The big data transformation is underway. Real estate businesses realize that their management roles and product development methodologies need to become more data-driven. Overall, big data is new to most companies. Many of them can get easily overwhelmed by its enormous potential. Here, we present answers to some big data questions that should help you […]

Why Big Data Will Prevail Among Real Estate Businesses

Every business sphere, from healthcare to human resources management, is increasingly becoming data-conscious. There are some skeptics who arenā€™t sure about big data becoming a standard among real estate businesses. It is worth noting that data-driven business practices are emerging across the national economy. The realization is commonā€”Companies acknowledge that smarter data handling capability is […]

Get Smarter and More Competitive with Big Data

Big data has different interpretations with the common thought being that a data driven business is more likely to survive and flourish. Your big data interpretation too isnā€™t flawed unless you equate more data as big data. You need to guard against this misconceptionā€”big data is all about acquiring more actionable data and not becoming […]

How Big Data Creates Value for Businesses and Consumers

It would be wrong to state that big data creates value for businesses only. Yes, this is the common perception, but customers have nearly as much to benefit from a data driven marketplace as real estate businesses. Understand this with an Example An example that beautifully mirrors the benefits of big data adoption across the […]

iLeads.comĀ® Introduces Predictive Scoring for Internet Loan Leads

Monday, June 11th, 2008 – Newport Beach, CA. iLeads.comĀ®, a leading provider of Internet-generated consumer leads for the insurance and mortgage industries, has introduced the industryā€™s first predictive modeling service based on the actual outcomes of more than one million back-tested Internet loan leads. Branded as LeadScoreā„¢, the predictive modeling product allows lending professionals to […]