Online Lead Generation Activity Accounts for Nearly 23% of Total Refinance Originations in the U.S. for Q1 2018

Newport Beach, CA, August 22, 2018 –( — In its latest analysis of over 2 million Internet generated mortgage leads,® concluded that online consumers drove over $29 billion in loan origination dollars and accounted for nearly 23% of total refinance originations in Q1 2018*.

The total potential originations for the lead’s analyzed for the period topped $320 billion.

For this new report for Quarter 1 in 2018,® utilized its nationwide property, title and lien data resources to analyze mortgage leads that were generated online by a select group of the largest Internet lead sources. Over 143,000 leads in this group resulted in a funded loan after the date of generation, with an average loan amount of $204,107.

The® Mortgage Lead Funding Study is an ongoing initiative undertaken by® to provide funding outcome data for the Internet mortgage lead generation channel.

Below are some of the key data points from this study (additional data points available upon request).

Funding Rate: 6.9%
Total originated (dollars):
Q1 2018: $29,316,262,890
Q1 2017: $27,001,034,537

Total potential of leads (in origination dollars): $320,907,339,629

Total potential revenue from leads (in origination dollars /$5,000 revenue per loan): Over $10.3 Billion

Lead / Revenue:
Total estimated cost of leads (if purchased at $15 per): $30,990,195
Total estimated revenue in origination dollars ($5,000 revenue per loan): $718,160,000

Dollar Originations by Loan Types from Leads:
Conventional: $20,646,681,232
FHA: $2,812,623,371
VA: $2,747,373,931
HELOC / Line of credit: $2,702,786,954

“Q1 2018 proved to be a mixed bag in terms of originations from Internet generated mortgage refi inquiries. The overall funding rate of 6.9% fell vs. Q1 2017 (7.7%), however overall originations (in dollars) rose in Q1 vs. 2017,” said Drew Warmington, CEO of, LLC.

”I think the biggest news is the continued increase in percentage of online refi requests that turn into subsequent originations, as compared to the MBA estimate of total refi’s for Q1. Growth of the online channel continued, with an estimated 22% of all U.S. consumers going from lead to a funding event”, Warmington continued. “The Internet continues to be a very effective way for lenders to connect with new customers.”

“While there is no denying that overall refi volume has dropped in Q1 2018, the online consumer continues to shop online for a mortgage at an ever-increasing pace. All that being said, the online consumers continue to be very comfortable researching options, and subsequently funding a new loan via the Internet,” finished Warmington.

The® Mortgage Lead Funding Study is an ongoing initiative undertaken by® to provide funding outcome data for the Internet mortgage lead generation.
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