Internet Mortgage Lead Generation Ideas

Online Lead Generation IdeasIt’s a fact that you need leads to get clients. And you can get internet mortgage leads. But do they convert? The answer is a resounding yes!

The Global Digital Statistics 2014 Report indicated that there are about 2.5 billion people using the Internet actively. Moreover, an analysis of 3.5 million mortgage leads generated online in a 9-month period in 2014 found that the total funding volume was almost $58 billion.

Just imagine the impact on your mortgage or insurance business if you could tap into this online market either directly or indirectly. But how can you reach such a huge global market? Internet mortgage lead generation is the answer. The following are some of the most effective online lead generation ideas as recommended by digital marketing experts:

Website optimization

Your home page or website is the central hub of all your online businesses. It is actually where most of the transactions will take place. Website optimization is very effective, and it requires that the contents of your site are always updated. Your home page should be consumer-focused so that the potential clients can find your content useful.

Website optimization will help your customers when making purchase decisions. To optimize your website, it should have a call-to-action which entices them to contact you, or download or subscribe to some content.

Search engine optimization

This is the most effective lead generation strategy in digital advertising. A study by State of Digital Marketing in 2014 stated that this was the most effective tool that resulted in success on online market and is being used by most online marketers. SEO generates online leads especially through random web searches that consumers do every day.

Good SEO means good online rankings, and improved visibility for landing pages and websites. There are many SEO techniques that can be used, but content marketing is the most effective one. Running content marketing together with SEO is a good way of generating online leads.

Pay-per-click advertising

Pay-per-click is a strong strategy that has helped many businesses to generate internet mortgage leads that have in turn been converted. If you just have joined the online digital marketing world, this is the most ideal launching point for quick lead generation.

The State of Paid Search Report of 2014 stated that about 75% of online marketers find pay-per-click advertising to be very easy and effective in generating leads. Google Adwords is at the forefront of this online lead generation strategy. Pay-per-click is a very high quality and viable resource when it comes to online lead generation. Using ads, new online businesses can easily generate online leads.

Social media

Social media is also another very important online lead generation avenue. With more than 1.9 billion people currently interconnected on social media, this presents a very huge potential for online marketers. Social media connects you with your target audience and enables you to study the behavior of your target group by interacting with them.

Forbes states that the use of social media has played a very important role in generating online leads. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will continue to act as great sources of leads for online businesses in the coming years.

Email marketing

Email marketing is yet another lead generation tool that continues to be effective. According to iContact, despite email marketing being old, many people and businesses continue to use emails almost daily. This makes email marketing effective for generating online leads. A study by iContact showed that a business stands to get a return on investment of $44 for every dollar that they spend on email marketing, but only if done in the correct way.

Emails can influence the buying behaviors of customers. A customer will most probably choose a product that he has more information on when he goes shopping as opposed to products that he has no information about.

Try one or all of the above online generation lead techniques to improve your ROI and convert leads to sales!

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