Get New Leads by Converting Existing Leads

new leadsOne of the most basic and important parts of establishing and growing a successful business is lead generation. Unfortunately, the most effective formula for lead generation is also an elusive one. People have used countless tools throughout the years and they’ve leveraged a vast range of strategies for scraping up new leads at every available opportunity. At best, this has resulted in sporadic success and a clear understanding that there is no one, sure way of getting the job done that will work in all circumstances and at all times.

What business owners can do, however, is to stop overlooking the leads they already have. If you have a collection of lukewarm leads that haven’t yet converted, you should dig your heels in and refuse to give up. You should also spend more time nurturing you recent converts. Targeting these consumers can be one of the most cost-effective and time-efficient ways to establish a robust customer base. Here are four strategies that will help you get started:

Show prospects that you believe in your products by offering free samples. There is no better way to convert a lukewarm lead into an interested buyer than by offering free samples. This shows people that you believe in what you sell and that you’re willing to stand by any claims that you’ve made. In addition to building trust, it also gives you the chance to educate consumers and start moving them through the formative stages of the purchasing process. Best of all, you don’t actually have to give away tangible goods if you’re afraid of hurting your bottom line. Use social networking platforms to offer info resources like free e-books, newsletters, recipes, checklists and more.

Reward your current customer base for making referrals. Even your most recent converts can help you start growing your customer base. The conversions that you’ve made in the past can lead to countless conversions in the future. Consider giving theseĀ prospects reasonable discounts on future purchases or an impressive freebie for each friend or family member they refer. Not only will this create new interest in your business but it can also generate repeat sales and increased customer loyalty.

Leverage social media more effectively by diversifying your social medial marketing plan. Rather than hosting just one account on the most popular social networking site, create profiles on all of the top platforms and use them regularly. You can even link these accounts so that a single post becomes visible on multiple platforms. Send out messages on trending topics via Twitter, advertise your latest company blog post via Facebook and post pictures of yourĀ products on Pinterest. Sites like these increase customer engagement and are based entirely on the sharing of ideas. This means that they can help personalize your business while generating exponential attention.

Make yourself accessible. Give your leads ways to connect with you directly. This type of personable and accessible approach is nearly unheard of in the modern world of business, but it is still a level of service that most consumers feel entitled to. This can be as simple as making your blog an interactive one, addressing customer concerns in a visible fashion by soliciting suggestions for improvement on social networking sites or by offering up your personal email address. When people know that they can get in touch with key players, they are more likely to trust the services being provided.

Stop wasting your time searching for new leads and start taking greater advantage of the leads and customers that you already have. The people that you’ve already created are your most valuable assets. Not only will they return to complete more sales, but they can also drive more prospects your way while helping you convert the lukewarm leads into committed buyers.

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