Mobile Marketing Trends to Take Advantage Of

It is estimated that at least 6 billion people have access to mobile phones. This is quite a big percentage of mobile users, and businesses are taking advantage of the convenience of mobile phones to change the realm of marketing and advertising.

marketingTechnology has bred a new generation of individuals who are using mobile phones for social media, shopping, gaming, etc. Mobile technology is taking over the world and the convenience they offer continues to get easier courtesy of the ever expanding mobile markets.

By utilizing a proper strategy, business owners can learn about mobile habits of their customers and then use the appropriate marketing strategy to push their products to the market.

SMS AdvertisingĀ 

One of the most effective mobile marketing strategies is SMS Advertising. This form of advertising is fast replacing email advertising that has been used by businesses over the last decade. SMS advertising is the most preferred by business because it is more personal, quick and straight to the point.

Compared to other forms of mobile advertising, SMS advertising has higher conversion rates; it is also easily affordable. This is a crucial factor, especially to growing businesses.

Social Media Mobile AdvertisingĀ 

Statistics show that at least 2.4 billion people use social media worldwide. Social media has become popular across the world with most people signing up for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular social media websites.

The good thing about social media is that it allows businesses to connect with potential customers who follow them or like their pages. Companies are making incredible sales from social media advertisements.

These websites are also offering a convenient way of reaching out to your customers by providing crucial information and customer care support. If your business lacks a proper social media strategy, then you are missing out on an incredible bounty of advertising.

Mobile Apps

It is estimated that at least 89% of mobile phone users have access to smart phones. Smartphones have the ability to download and use third party applications. For a business aiming at establishing a solid presence online, there is no other better way to do it than having an easy to use mobile app.

Most of the big companies have taken this direction, and it is working great for them. Once you have your social media and website up and running, then take a step further to differentiate your business from the crowd.

Mobile apps provide a direct channel of advertisement besides the website. The good thing about mobile apps is that they can be accessible even without an internet connection.

YouTube Advertising

Currently, you tube has more than one billion users. Statistics show that more than half of the views generated on YouTube come from mobile phone users.

Human beings are visual creatures and what they see sticks better in mind than what they hear. Businesses are taking this advantage to showcase their products to millions of users who use YouTube.

The use of mobile phones is growing worldwide by the day. These devices exist to make our lives easier by offering unlimited possibilities. Take advantage of this new trend to market your business before it’s too late!

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