Mobile Marketing Strategies that Pay Off

In the last year or two, it’s become apparent that the mobile device is a leader when it comes to marketing. Consumers in all different sectors use their mobile devices to make purchases and review products, especially during the holidays. Target reported that 60% of traffic from November to December 2014 came from mobile devices, according to MarketingLand.

Mobile-Marketing-openerIt’s now a fact that for businesses, mobile marketing is not a platform that should be ignored because it can definitely maximize profits. You should put in the effort to utilize successful mobile marketing strategies that will help increase sales and expand your business. Some of the strategies that pay off include:

Investing in full-screen ads- To monetize mobile applications, it is better to do away with banner ads and instead work with full- page ads. Bigger is better as the ads offer users a positive experience since they get an easy opt-in selection delivered at a convenient transitioning point which is not disruptive to play. Professionals believe that the 100% on-screen share of voice offered by full-screen ads reduced the number of false clicks significantly that are commonly generated by small banners. With the full-screen format, publishers can show fewer ads without using up precious screen space with banners.

Offering pre-click engagement- Rich media in a mobile environment typically begin when a user taps on a banner to view what it has to offer. Most consumers, however, are not interested in this as they are not aware of what will be presented once they click through. For this reason, it makes sense to offer consumers rotating banners rather than the static ones. The primary aim of this is to engage the users by telling a story to maximize impressions before they click.

Using contextual ads- Since it is not yet possible to drop cookies in mobile devices, marketers should focus on aligning ads because they are not able to target them. This way, the ads become relevant to the editorial content that a user is looking at. In the past, contextual placement has worked well to increase the rates of a click-through for online ads display. The same applies when the ads are contextually delivered in mobile where the increase is more.

Focusing on social calls to actions- To come up with an effective mobile marketing strategy that will give you the desired results, it is highly recommended that you incorporate social connectivity options. These are bound to perform better than the other ads by more than 50%.

A majority of companies that have added a social component to their mobile marketing strategies have seen a significant boost in engagement over the years. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that many mobile users are more social when they are compared with other consumers. A recent study revealed that 67.7% of mobile users check on Facebook at least once every day compared to 54% of the overall Facebook user base that uses it on a daily basis. Capitalizing on this can help get new clients and business in order to help move the company in the right direction.

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