Mobile Content Marketing: The New King Part 1

shutterstock_137044370Content marketing has been implemented since the birth of the Internet. Bill Gates declared that “content is king” in 1996, and online marketers have utilized this mantra ever since.

But there’s another form of content marketing that just may surpass the effectiveness of good ‘ol internet marketing of the past: mobile content marketing.

Let’s face it: More than ever, people are burying their faces in a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. The average person spends over two and a half hours per day on their mobile device, mostly using apps.

How many times have you checked your mobile device before you even rolled out of bed? Just about every day, you say? Exactly our point. We live and breathe with our phones by our sides (or in our back pockets, in the top of our boot, etc).

Do you see how many people you can reach at any time of the day, quickly and efficiently? This is why it makes perfect sense that mobile content marketing is the future of content marketing.

But isn’t mobile content marketing the same thing as online content marketing?

In one word, nope.

Mobile content marketing involves more than a one-dimensional approach. You must cater mobile content to the mobile audience who greatly values instant gratification and easy access.

Small businesses and large businesses alike can benefit from a mobile content marketing strategy. There are no hard-and-fast rules, but there are some guidelines to keep in mind when planning and implementing your mobile content marketing strategy.

What do mobile users want?

Content should be written as it is read on phones. What exactly does this mean? Well, you should assume that most of the web traffic will be from mobile visitors. What do mobile users want to do on their devices?

Mobile users like to:

  • Read short content
  • Tweet
  • Take pictures
  • Look at images
  • Watch videos

Keeping these actions in mind, it’s easy to see that short and sweet takes the cake when it comes to mobile content marketing. This is why you need to cater your content accordingly.

Stayed tuned to the blog for Part 2 of Mobile Content Marketing: The New King!

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