Mobile Content Marketing: The New King Part 2

shutterstock_137044370On Monday, we explored the world of mobile content marketing in Mobile Content Marketing: The New King. Here is Part 2 of the series:

Tips for Mobile Content Marketing

Cater content to mobile users

The biggest difference between mobile content marketing and online content marketing is that users want what they want, and they want it fast. When someone is sitting at a laptop, they are more likely to spend time scrolling up and down a webpage of interest to find something that pops out at them.

On the other hand, mobile users want not only easy access to information, but also the ability to connect with you whenever they need to, no matter where they are.

Create content for mobile use initially. You can always expand on it later to make it more appropriate for an online audience.


First of all, while images are great, they need to be able to fit on the mobile screen. The use of images is a powerful method of marketing on mobile devices. Be sure to use images that are easy to look at on a smaller screen, and if the images open up to provide further content, the better the user experience. Use bold colors and clean, simple text to complement images.

How many times have you glanced at an image and felt something? That’s because images are powerful emotional chargers. Choose images that make your visitors click faster.

Content: Short and sweet

While longer forms of content seem to yield better results online (especially recently), short content prevails when it comes to mobile marketing. If consumers don’t want to read a paragraph-long Facebook status, they aren’t going to want to scroll through a site’s big, ugly block of text on their smartphone.

Mobile content needs to be ultra-accessible and easy to read.

Keep sentences short. Paragraphs should only be a few sentences long at most. Use lots of bold headlines. Write for an audience that doesn’t have time to read a novel on their device, and you’ll get it right every time.


Videos are a must on your mobile site, and they are an effective method of marketing products. Consumers want to be entertained and informed at the same time.

Consumers watch videos on their phones at least once a day, from how-to videos to slapstick cat montages. They are more likely to click “play” on a YouTube video than they are to read a chunk of content.

Again, short and sweet wins here. Make videos that are engaging, informative and to the point.

Analyze and utilize user data

In order to create mobile content that gets clicks, it’s crucial that you know your audience. Utilizing data helps to fine tune your site’s content and strengthens customer relationships in the long run. Provide information that is catered to specific users by focusing on optimization and personalization of mobile web content.

Easy access wins on mobile

As we said before, it’s important to provide content that is easily accessible on mobile devices because, well, people are impatient. (Yes, we said it!) But we’ve all experienced instances where we’re short on time, and thankfully our mobile devices provide apps to order takeout, buy movie tickets or give directions.

In those hurried instances, you probably wanted what you wanted, and you wanted it right then and there. Well, we’ve been there before, too. And all we wanted was to be able to access content quickly, on-the-spot, and on-the-go. Mobile content marketing gives you the opportunity to win over people so that they can quickly and efficiently rely on your businesses’ content and services.

In a nutshell

The key to effective mobile content marketing is giving quick, accessible information to consumers, no matter where they are or what time of day they want it. Simple yet engaging content along with eye-grabbing images are hallmarks of successful mobile content marketing. Utilize them and you’ll see what they can do for your business!


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