Tips for a Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

If you ask any millennial what they cannot live without, one of the most popular answers you will get is the smartphone. This is closely followed by internet and social media platforms.

Mobile-Marketing-TipsSurveys show that 87% of millennials will not go anywhere without their smartphones. Today, people use their phones for just about everything they needed the computer for just a few years ago. They search for products online, read up on different brands, get different promotions and even advise on where to go and spend their money. For a small business owner, this should be good news.

Chances are that a vast majority of your potential market is going to hear about you through their smartphone. That being said, it should be stated that people’s attention span has dwindled to a mere 8 seconds. This means that even the slightest of ill-conceived mobile marketing campaign will not only fail to capture the attention of the intended market, but will lead to a wasted leads and ad dollars.

With that in mind, here are some simple, yet effective tips for a successful mobile marketing campaign that every small business owner should start implementing today.

Study your target market and customize your ads for them. There is no such thing as a one size fits all advertising strategy. You need to have an intricate knowledge of your target market. You also need to know which kind of mobile appsĀ your targeted audienceĀ prefers using and why. You should know which social media platforms they spend time in and why. Also,Ā find outĀ which websites and which forums stand as the voice of their generation and why.

Once you know these things, you can tailor your adverts in a way that they can be delivered through these various forums and avenues. This is a great way to ensure that your ads gets in front of the right eyeballs and that they are received in a positive and favorable manner.

Create an app of your own. These days, it’s all about convenience. Users do not want to have to walk into your brick and mortar establishments as much as they do not want to go through your website just to try and find the kind of offers that you have for them. The market wants all this information is a convenient central location, preferably with a user friendly interface and an attractive icon. This is where your business app comes into play.

If you canĀ build an appĀ that it does much more than just promote your products, it could help with a separate aspect of their lives,Ā perhaps doubling as a GPS service or an easy way to link to their favorite social media platform. In this way, there is a good chance that your apps popularity will lead to your brand popularity as well.

Make your content sharable and relevant. Everyone wants to be associated with amusing and relevant content. Millennials are keen on sharing everything with their friends as long as it will either make them appear well informed, funny and resourceful. Tie all these aspects into the kind of content you share with your market and you will prompt a never ending sharing machine that will keep going long after the ad was placed.

From customer reward programs to SMS marketing and Geo-synchronized content, there are quite a number of ways through which you can ensure that your mobile marketing campaigns garner the most response within your niche.



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