Characteristics of a Perfect House

What would you define as a perfect house? In order to qualify as “perfect,” a house must have certain characteristics which make living in it comfortable and enjoyable. It must satisfy all your needs, function like a dream, and simplify your life. If you’re considering buying another house or going in for remodeling, do keep the following essentials in mind:

Single Level

Single-level houses are regaining popularity in recent times for a very basic reason. They’re easy to maintain and whether it’s painting, cleaning or repairs, everything is within easy reach — no need for big extension ladders all the time.

Additionally, it’s easy to regulate the temperatures inside single-level houses. Temperature differences between upstairs and downstairs are minimized and stress on the HVAC is reduced.
Another noteworthy benefit of single-level homes is the absence of stairs. This makes them ideal for senior citizens and people with ailments.

Nine-Foot High Ceilings

Taller ceilings are magical. Interiors just appear to open up even when there isn’t so much square-footage. 9-foot high ceilings generate a feeling of comfort and well-being which is lacking in standard ceilings which are 8 feet high.

Although you might be stuck with your existing 8-foot ceilings, you can have taller ceilings when you’re adding on. Even though they might cost a little more, this is a marketable feature, and you’ll recoup a major part of your investment at the time of selling. If you really crave for an open feeling, you could consider vaulting the ceiling into your attic.

Exposure to the South 

There are various benefits associated with a southern exposure:

  • You get solar gain. During winter, south-facing windows allow sunlight to come in and convert it to free heat.
  • If there are trees against these windows, your house stays cooler in summer.
  • Winter blues stay away. Sunlight is a proven mood-enhancer.
  • Solar panels work well with southern exposure.
  • Both house plants and garden plants grow well with southern exposure.

Living Spaces Outdoors

It’s both enjoyable and healthy to be outdoors. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors reduces levels of stress and cortisol (a hormone that makes one feel foggy and tired).

Outdoor living areas like decks and patios are highly popular with homebuyers. These are more economical to install as compared to enclosed spaces.

Maximum Insulation

Maximizing the insulation of your home lowers energy requirements and keeps inside temperatures stable and comfortable. For the best ROI, maxing out attic insulation is a great idea. You’ll save on your energy bills and recover costs in roughly three years.

Separate Master Bedroom

It’s great to live as one big happy family. But sanity is important too. Over the years, needs evolve. You want your baby’s nursery to be close by; your teenager’s room shouldn’t be too close. Ultimately a little distance is important to give everyone space. For single-level houses, three wings are ideal— one end with the master suite, the other with children’s and guest rooms, and a central common area for living room and kitchen.

Easy-to-Maintain Exterior

You don’t want to spend weekends caulking, scraping and repainting sidings. Look for low-maintenance exteriors that stay good even in tough climates. Two dependable options are durable fiber-cement and low-cost vinyl siding. It’s a sensible move to replace old siding with new vinyl. This will yield a great return on investment. Fiber-cement siding is also a good option which will give you a decent ROI.

When you think you’ve found the perfect home, be sure to consider the advantages of knowing the true value of the property. You can obtain a free home valuation report from Neighborhood IQ to find out how much that perfect home is worth. Also, the Home Loan Advisor can analyze your property, current market conditions, local market comps, and other variables in our proprietary algorithm, and match you with potential lenders.



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