How to Decide Between Two Homes that You Have Fallen in Love With

You have immersed yourself heavily in house hunting and then you discover that you are in love with 2 homes and you don’t know which one to choose. In such a situation, don’t be guided by emotion. Instead, let reason prevail. In most cases, you will get only a couple of days or weeks to […]

How to Keep Your Housekeeping Resolutions

January is that time of the year when we make all sorts of resolutions. Some of us want to get fit, lose that stubborn body fat and develop a positive attitude towards life. Some of us want to simplify our lives and become spiritual. And some others want to earn a lot of money. As […]

Google Encrypted Search’s Effect on Your Online Business

A lot of changes have been happening in Google lately. Here’s some information regarding Google Encrypted Search and its effect on your online business. Google Encrypted Search explained Google introduced Encrypted Search in 2010 to keep information about their users (such as Chrome and Gmail users) who were logged in securely. This security has now been […]

Is the Air Within Your Home Clean?

It’s a fact that many homes appear sparking clean internally and externally, but they can carry some not-so-nice odors which can be quite a put-off. So how do you determine the air quality within your home? By asking yourself some questions. Do your rooms have a musty smell or is there some moisture on the […]

How Fast Can A Home Be Sold?

Every home seller wants to know how fast a home can sell. However, it is not easy to answer this question. In fact, it depends on many factors such as the location, the condition of your home, and the type of the sale. You will have to opt for a short sale, if you owe […]

Should You Go for Ready-Made Home Improvements?

Anyone with a little know how of home improvement will agree that ready-made goods are more economical than unfinished or customized materials. Even though initial costs appear higher in case of ready-made goods, when you consider labor costs, they’re still the cheaper alternative. We at Home Loan Advisor personally prefer customized stuff, but this is […]

Closing Costs: How to Budget for Them

        On closing day, you’ve signed the papers and the house is officially yours. Unfortunately, the costs of buying a home don’t stop there. There are a host of closing costs that are involved in the process of purchasing property. The last thing you want to be is flat broke during closing, […]

Your House Belongs to You — Not Pests!

Pests can live anywhere—in apartments, houses, teepees, and trailers. They get into your home in boxes, bags, and even come in from beneath the doors. They manage to squeeze in through cracks as small as the thickness of a coin. Did you know that roaches can go without food for a whole month? From the […]

5 Keys to Get the Best Deal in a Real Estate Transaction

Both sellers and buyers want to get the best deal in a real estate transaction. That is quite reasonable, but success can’t be yours if you do not take the right steps. All real estate transactions are unique. Sometimes the buyer wins; sometimes the seller wins. In some cases, the interests of both parties are […]

Home Security When You’re Away

Before planning to head out for your hard-earned vacation, spend some time in thinking about home security while you’re away. According to the records, holidays and summertime are the peak times for house burglaries. Here are some tactical tips that can help prevent your home becoming an easy target during your vacation when you’re away: Light […]