Tips for a Greener Home

Many homeowners are trying to do their part in making the world a greener place. Whether you are recycling, turning off lights when not in use, or using less water, every effort can add up to make a big difference. A greener home not only means more energy conservation and monetary savings; it also means […]

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

December brings with it a lot of tasks that you need to complete to keep your home comfortable and secure. It is also the right time to prepare your home improvement plans for the coming year. The first big snowfall of the season usually hits in December. This annual ritual also gives you an opportunity […]

Characteristics of a Perfect House

What would you define as a perfect house? In order to qualify as “perfect,” a house must have certain characteristics which make living in it comfortable and enjoyable. It must satisfy all your needs, function like a dream, and simplify your life. If you’re considering buying another house or going in for remodeling, do keep […]

Fall and Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Now that the colder months are here, it’s a great time to consider doing some maintenance to your home. Not only can you prepare for the winter weather that’s ahead, you can add value to your home by doing the right improvements and fixes. Some home maintenance jobs can be done by you, and some […]

The Year Round Benefits of Home Insulation

If you’ve recently purchased a home, you might want to consider effective home insulation. Or, if you’re selling, home insulation could raise your home value a great deal. Either way, the benefits of home insulation are plentiful. Insulating your home is accomplished by adding special materials to your walls, ceiling, or roof to make your […]