Is the Air Within Your Home Clean?

It’s a fact that many homes appear sparking clean internally and externally, but they can carry some not-so-nice odors which can be quite a put-off. So how do you determine the air quality within your home? By asking yourself some questions. Do your rooms have a musty smell or is there some moisture on the […]

Should You Go for Ready-Made Home Improvements?

Anyone with a little know how of home improvement will agree that ready-made goods are more economical than unfinished or customized materials. Even though initial costs appear higher in case of ready-made goods, when you consider labor costs, they’re still the cheaper alternative. We at Home Loan Advisor personally prefer customized stuff, but this is […]

Choosing Home Security Systems

There’s been a steady spate of house burglaries in the recent past. Each break-in costs homeowners dearly. The installation of a home security system provides a strong deterrent. Crooks get the message that your home isn’t an easy target and they look towards other options. You are required to pay monthly monitoring fees but for […]

8 Hurdles You Need to Overcome Before Purchasing a House

So the seller has accepted your offer and agreed to sell the house. But you still need to overcome many hurdles before the property becomes yours. In this article we will take a look at the common problems that buyers may experience during the escrow period. 1. Extensive damage is revealed during a termite inspection […]

Characteristics of a Perfect House

What would you define as a perfect house? In order to qualify as “perfect,” a house must have certain characteristics which make living in it comfortable and enjoyable. It must satisfy all your needs, function like a dream, and simplify your life. If you’re considering buying another house or going in for remodeling, do keep […]

How Your Neighbors Can Affect You

Getting on the wrong foot with the neighbors can mean a lot more than stress and uncomfortable meetings. Here are a few things that neighbors will not tell you. You might find them out the hard way. 1. You’ll pay for complaining When we moved into a new home, our next door neighbors invited us […]

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

First impressions are important when selling your home. Some people mentally write off a house they’ve not even seen from inside if they don’t find the exterior appealing. Make sure your home’s curb appeal doesn’t get wrecked by improper landscaping. Clumsy and neglected landscaping can bring down the value of your property substantially and it […]

Add Value to Your Home Inexpensively

Your home is looking slightly shabby and you want to spruce it up. Maybe you’ve just refinanced and you want to add more value to your home. Home renovations cost a bomb and you’re scared to get started. You can inexpensively spiff up your home for a lot less than you think! We’ve got some […]

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Green

Some of the most popular current trends in today’s homes are eco-friendly features. Many home buyers look for these features when searching for their ideal home. Green technology and home features result in a healthy life for you and your family. Energy efficiency in your home can save you money, help the environment, and improve […]

The Year Round Benefits of Home Insulation

If you’ve recently purchased a home, you might want to consider effective home insulation. Or, if you’re selling, home insulation could raise your home value a great deal. Either way, the benefits of home insulation are plentiful. Insulating your home is accomplished by adding special materials to your walls, ceiling, or roof to make your […]