5 Reasons Why Employers Should Consider Telecommuting for Employees

Every serious entrepreneur with several employees considers several factors before deciding to add or reduce the number of employees. Although there are various reasons to do so, one big one is lack of office space. This gives room to think of a different yet productive approach. More than any other time in history, many employers […]

The Benefits of Live Transfer Leads

Commonly referred to as hot transfers, live call transfers are the best way to ensure that you reach your prospective customers as soon as possible. This is important because every second that contact with a lead is postponed, the chances of that lead losing interest greatly increases. In order to make sure that you have […]

How to Create Office Zen | Step-by-step Guide

Many of us are in an office during most weekdays, whether itā€™s at an office building or your home. Itā€™s important to create an environment that is peaceful and cheerful because this increases productivity and makes the office one that positively influences coworkers. Here are some tips to create office zen: Arrange the space Change […]

Should You Invest in a Real Estate Call Center?

As the real estate business continues to boom due to demand and population growth, the biggest challenge faced by most business owners is how to manage their existing and potential customers, and at the same time keep up with the latest market innovations. The key to unlocking your potential and improving customer relations lies with […]

Call Center Predictive Dialing Systems

(via Live Connect) Call center managers strive to reach as many prospects as they can, whether they need their agents to make a sale or collect a bill. Even in small call centers, agents can only reach so many people every hour. This is where predictive dialers come into play. Predictive dialers automate the entire […]

The Fundamentals of Call Center Workforce Management | Deep Insights

Call centers face several workforce management challenges including managing service levels, forecasting calls, and scheduling staff. Workforce management is a process that involves using precise staffing figures each hour to enhance service while reducing costs. It is considered one of the most significant planning and administration functions in a call center. This process is handled […]