Call Center Predictive Dialing Systems

Call Center Predictive Dialing Systems

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Call center managers strive to reach as many prospects as they can, whether they need their agents to make a sale or collect a bill. Even in small call centers, agents can only reach so many people every hour. This is where predictive dialers come into play.

Predictive dialers automate the entire process of outdialing. Agents only get the calls when an actual human answers the phone. There are many other types of automated dialing, but predictive dialing is clearly the most powerful of them all. They have the ability to differentiate between an actual live human voice and a voice on an answering machine.

Here are some benefits of predictive dialing systems in call centers:

The call center can be managed more efficiently. A manager can get statistics regarding how each agent is performing, and all in real-time.

More people can be reached in less time. Predictive dialing allows the adjustment of the balance of agents from one list to another.

Outbound calling is completed automated. Multiple inbound and outbound campaigns can be run, and automatic callbacks can be scheduled.

Agent burnout and turnover is reduced. The dialer makes sure that an agent’s only calls to deal with are the ones with a live customer on the other end. Time talking on the phone is doubled.

As you can see, predictive dialing is a revolutionary tool in the outbound call center!

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