5 Reasons Why Employers Should Consider Telecommuting for Employees

Every serious entrepreneur with several employees considers several factors before deciding to add or reduce the number of employees. Although there are various reasons to do so, one big one is lack of office space.

telecommutingThis gives room to think of a different yet productive approach. More than any other time in history, many employers are embracing the idea of allowing their employees to telecommute, and for good reasons. Here are some of the advantages of telecommuting:

Increases Productivity

Studies indicate that there is an increase in work productivity. If you are wondering how this happens, it has been discovered that a majority of employees who work from the office tend to do their work in a manner which suggests that their aim is to pass time.

Granted, most of them know that their bosses will understand that if they did not finish a particular task, it is because of something that happened in the office. Time is wasted in the office when employees spend a lot of time chatting, taking long breaks, and surfing the web. This is different if they work from home.

Reduces Cost

With a few employees or none left for the office, there is a reduction of the cost of running the office. In fact, other employers decide not to rent office space at all. Telecommuting also helps employers and employees save on gas that could be used to and from work.

Decreases Environmental Pollution

Imagine a scenario where over 20 or even 50 million people decided to telecommute. It would help the environment a great deal. Specifically, this would save approximately 590 million oil barrels. Additionally, a single day of about 50 million people telecommuting would save over 425, 000 tons of greenhouse gas in the U.S. alone.

Improves Family Life

A lot of time is needed to prepare to and from work. That meaningful time could be used to enhance family ties. Many people in America alone spend long hours preparing for work. Other employees travel miles to reach the office or workstation.

If every employee could use at least 60 minutes every day to eat a meal with their families, this would bring families together. Those who have tried telecommuting realize that it is very important to spend early and late hours with one’s family.

Increases Job Satisfaction

Many employees who telecommute say they are comfortable working from home. It is reasonable that you will be more satisfied when you work from the comfort of your couch. Compared with office atmosphere, when an employee works from the house, they tend to have less stress.

Whether you have a few or more employees, it is not late to embrace your employees telecommuting. It will not only leave you with extra cash to take care of other important things in your business but also improve the families of your employees, reduce stress, and improve your company’s revenue.

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