How to Create Office Zen | Step-by-step Guide

office zenMany of us are in an office during most weekdays, whether itā€™s at an office building or your home. Itā€™s important to create an environment that is peaceful and cheerful because this increases productivity and makes the office one that positively influences coworkers.

Here are some tips to create office zen:

Arrange the space

Change the entire layout of the office if need be. Always go for simple furnishings. Position your desk so that you face the entrance to your office. Such an arrangement will allow the flow of positive energy into the workspace and helps you to focus.


In addition to eye care, proper lighting is a proven stress-level moderator and a mood booster. Supplement the light in your office with a desk lamp, especially where the position of your office does not allow for sufficient illumination by natural light.

Live plants

Live plants are useful for cleaning air in your workspace. Plants are also beautiful to look at and bring out a certain incomparable vibrancy. Scientists argue that live plants are stress-levels moderators, and these plants can also reduce blood pressure. Tending to the plant during breaks can also be relaxing and helps to take the edge off.

De-clutter the working station

Always ensure that you have ample space to move around in your immediate work area. The area around your computer should be clear. Fumbling to find the mouse or constantly having to throw things aside to find something has a certain level of stress attached to it, so purposely clear all the clutter to avoid a cramped workspace.

Develop an efficient filing system for your paperwork. Clear all extraneous material that you do not immediately require for your work. Nearly put papers away in folders and drawers.

Simple decorations

Inspiring artwork on the walls of your office adds to the serenity. Be sure to keep it simple though. Framed photos or paintings are an excellent focus image for times when you may take a mental break from your work. These simple decorations will bring calm into your workspace and more so during stressful workdays.

Organize your computer

Choose a background for your computer that is simple and calms you. Also, get rid of the visual clutter of many unnecessary icons on your desktop. If you spend most hours of your workday behind a computer, turn off your notifications to avoid needless interruptions. Also, avoid leaving open documents and programs that are not currently using.

Block out noise

From humming machines to conversations over the telephone, the noise levels in a busy office environment can be overwhelming. The noise may aggravate stress and impact individual concentration capacity. Install a desk fan that effectively blocks out the noise and provides some air circulation.

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