Real estate marketers often attribute their poor performance to lack of time. When their business isn’t going great or when past clients don’t become future clients, they will put the blame on time. Agreed, everybody is hard pressed for time these days, but that cannot be your excuse for underperforming.

Remember that real estate business is built on personal contacts. In addition, whether you are an agent, a broker or a builder, you need to consistently show knowledge and authenticity. But the way people keep in touch with one another is changing, and hence the marketing methods you employ also need to change.

For many real estate professionals, the biggest challenge is acquiring those skills that drive sales. Here are the five most effective real estate marketing skills you need to build a highly productive sales machine:

Good content

You won’t be able to generate new leads and sales without new clients. In order to attract more clients, you need great content. The posts on your blog, videos and tweets can all attract clients. When you offer something of value, people will immediately start to listen to you. In today’s fast moving community, you cannot survive without a website. What to write about? You have got lots of topics. You can write about selling strategies, neighborhood events or market analysis.

Great content will attract people to your website. It will also encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter. This is a great opportunity to keep in touch with them.

Know your sources

You must be constantly reviewing the sources of your business. You should know how many listings come through referrals. You should know how long it takes for a lead to become a client. Your goal must be generating more leads, making more contacts and closing more sales. By constantly reviewing your sources, you can take your business to the next level.

Referrals and recommendations

Get active on social media. You have probably heard this umpteen times. Very few people manage to build a huge fan-following on social media. Those who do, have a PR machinery working overtime for them. However, most professionals cannot afford to spend insane amounts of money on social media marketing. But don’t worry. You don’t necessarily have to be a social media guru to reap benefits. You don’t need millions of followers either. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter help you establish your personal brand. They are great tools for gaining and sharing recommendations. As you should know, recommendations and referrals are the biggest source of business and that explains why you need to leverage your presence on social media.


Measuring is an important part of marketing. Not only sales, you also need to measure other metrics. You need to track your visitors, social media mentions and ad expenditure. Create a list of metrics that you want to measure and get into a reporting habit.


Technology is getting friendlier, so don’t hesitate to employ solutions that will make your life and work easier. Look for those solutions which are tailored to your industry and easy to set up.

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