Tips to Monitor Your Energy Costs in Your Home

Conscientious homeowners are generally concerned about their energy use, and for good reason. Whether you live in a house or condo, it’s a good idea to evaluate your home energy costs.  The seasons are changing, and colder weather will be moving in for most states. It’s the perfect time to take a detailed look at how much energy your home is using and how you can practice efficiency to keep your costs down this winter.

Making informed decisions about your energy consumption requires sufficient monitoring of your household’s use. While a professional energy evaluation is recommended, there are some things that you can do yourself to gain control of your energy costs this summer. You can save money on your bill by implementing some small changes that really add up in the long run. And when you get your bill, you can breathe a sigh of relief!

Easy ways to keep energy costs low:

  • Schedule an HVAC system tune up. Yearly professional maintenance is essential in keeping your system running in tip-top shape all year round.
  • Seal and insulate ducts. By wrapping and sealing ducts in the attic, garage or basement, you can keep them from getting too hot or cold depending on the season, improving heating and cooling efficiency.
  • Install a programmable thermostat. While you are away during the daytime, you can keep energy costs to a minimum by programming a lower (or higher if it’s warm out) temperature for your home.
  • Rely on Energy Star appliances. If you are looking to buy a new kitchen appliance, consider spending more to get the most energy-efficient model. This will pay off in the long run with savings on your energy bill.
  • The addition of attic and wall insulation will effectively help cool your home in the summer and heat it in the winter. Replacing windows with ENERGY STAR qualified windows will also assist in proper insulation and lower energy bills. Be sure to make sure any air leaks in attics, basements and crawlspaces are properly sealed as well.

You can even monitor your energy use through your computer if you wish by using an energy consumption monitor in your home. Take the guesswork out of predicting how much energy you use by using an electricity monitor to tell how much electricity you are consuming in total at any particular time. An energy consumption monitor is a proven money saver all throughout the year for homeowners.

The energy efficiency of your home can greatly affect its value. It’s a good idea to consider getting a free home value report from Neighborhood IQ so that you know the value of your house in order to protect your investment!

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