Factors to Consider When Buying a Home as a Couple

A study conducted by an agency a few years ago reported that 58% of home buyers are couples who are married while 1% comprises of unmarried couples. Many unmarried couples purchase homes to build equity and avoid rent payment. They need to decide whether one partner should purchase the home or they should purchase it […]

Buying a Historic House

Historic houses are beautiful pieces of history. If you’re considering the purchase of an older home, you probably love the architectural styles and established neighborhoods of historic houses. They are also cherished for their unique details, meticulous craftsmanship, and sense of history. However, there are also risks involved when you purchase an older home, so […]

The Advantages of Renting a Home or Apartment

We are all familiar with the American dream of owning a home with a white picket fence and a swing set in the backyard. But what if this dream doesn’t pertain to all of us? This is when renting an apartment or house is a good idea. Buying a home for financial and personal reasons […]

Tips to Monitor Your Energy Costs in Your Home

Conscientious homeowners are generally concerned about their energy use, and for good reason. Whether you live in a house or condo, it’s a good idea to evaluate your home energy costs.  The seasons are changing, and colder weather will be moving in for most states. It’s the perfect time to take a detailed look at […]

Older Homes and Inspections: What You Should Look For

Older homes have a certain charm, ambiance, and style that simply can’t compare to newer houses. Whether you’re looking to live in an older home or want to turn it around for profit, there are certain things you should look at for before you sign the dotted line. A detailed inspection of the property is […]

Factors That Affect Your Home Value

In this country, there are many people who have made a fortune in the real estate market. They buy homes cheap and then sell them for some big bucks. However, even if you are not a real estate agent, you may have to sell your home for a variety of reasons. Although home prices usually […]

How to Sell Your House during the Summer

Summer is not the best time to sell your house. With the children out of school, people enjoying vacations, and a whole lot of other summer activities going on, summer is a busy time of the year. People generally want to buy a house when they have enough time on their hands. It doesn’t mean […]

Do you know the real value of your home?

Since the real estate market peaked nationwide in 2007, home values have dropped more than 18%. If you are thinking about selling, refinancing, or are in the market to buy, you need to arm yourself with the facts. Neighborhood IQ offers a free home value report that is powered by the same tools and data […]