How to Sell Your House during the Summer

Summer is not the best time to sell your house. With the children out of school, people enjoying vacations, and a whole lot of other summer activities going on, summer is a busy time of the year. People generally want to buy a house when they have enough time on their hands. It doesn’t mean that people stop buying and selling homes in summer. There will always be buyers, but as a seller, you will have to work a little harder to find them and convince them. Here is a list of ten handy tips which you can use to convince a buyer that your house is the right home for him.

(1) Get up and mow your lawn: Grass grows faster in summer. This means you will have to mow more frequently. Twice a week is ideal – it is not burdensome and it will keep your garden tidy.

(2) Use vivid and summer-friendly colors: Replace old winter-influenced colors with bright and pure summer colors like white. Light colors provide a calming effect in the summer.

(3) Light up the house: Remove heavy drapes as they make rooms appear smaller. Instead, turn on the lights. You should also open all the blinds so that the house may appear more spacious.

(4) Listen to the summer: Most states follow the daylight saving time. It makes the days seem longer. As many people prefer to leave the office early on Fridays, the twilight hours of Friday are the best time to show your home. The excitement of the weekend coupled with the thrill of buying a new house may fetch you a good price for your property.

(5) If you live in a place where it does not rain in summer, you can move some of your furniture in the backyard. That will create a good living room in your yard. This will also make the house look bigger which your buyer will be eager to own.

(6) Offer drinks and summer treats: It’s always a polite gesture to offer the guests something to eat. Make sure you have summer treats and soft drinks. The home buyer will appreciate your hospitality.

(7) Find out the right market value of your property: You can get appraisal reports for this purpose. An easier way is to use an online report to get an idea of what your home value truly is. Try the Neighborhood IQ property value report now. It’s free, it’s fast, and it’s available right now. It will give you accurate results so that you can offer the right price to the buyer.

(8) Turn on the air conditioner: You don’t want a buyer to feel uncomfortable in your house because of the heat. Maintain a comfortable temperature so that the buyer can have a pleasant feeling when he enters the house.

(9) Create a summer curb appeal: Scattered mulch, flowers, and trimmed bushes create a curb appeal that is very difficult to resist. It also makes your house appear welcoming and warm.

(10) Be ready for price negotiations, but set a limit: All buyers will try to negotiate. Be prepared for that, but set a lower limit and don’t go below that.

These simple house selling tips will help you sell your house this summer. Just make sure that the buyer is able to form an emotional bond with the place- and your work is done.

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