Tips for Selling Your Home During the Winter

House hunting doesn’t look very appealing during the cold winter months. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t sell your home during winter. Here are 9 ways to prepare your home for potential buyers during the cold winter months.

1. Light a fire

Got a fireplace? Welcome your visitors by lighting a fire. It doesn’t matter whether your fireplace is wood-burning or gas-powered, but if it is the wood burning type, make sure that it doesn’t release a lot of smoke. Smoke can turn off potential buyers with smoke sensitivity or allergies.

2. Keep your entryways neat and clean

Homes that are free of clutter will sell faster than those with lots of visible clutter. Hide family gear in a trunk or closet and remove dirty boots outside. Use a mop to quickly clean entryways before each showing.

3. Give a warm touch to your rooms

Anything warm will sell during the winter. Lend a warm touch to your home with warm hues. Winter days are dark so make sure that all lights are on even during daytime showings. Your home looks its best when it is well-lit.

4. Give outdoor rooms the attention they deserve

Show that your outdoor rooms are usable even during the cold winter months. So if you have an outdoor fireplace, don’t forget to keep its surroundings fully furnished. Switch on outdoor lights and light a fire in your fireplace. While showing your house to buyers, you should highlight all positive features and hide those that are potential turn offs.

5. Highlight spaces that will be attractive in winter

If you have heated tool sheds, indoor exercise areas and basement playrooms, don’t forget to highlight them. They will look particularly attractive during the winter months when you tend to spend more time indoors. Make sure that your agent draws attention to these areas while showing your home to potential buyers.

6. Highlight your home’s entertaining potential

Winter is a great time for organizing festive parties. Convince your buyers that your home has great potential to entertain visitors. You can, for example, arrange stacks of plates, glasses, and flowers on your dining table. They will give the impression that you hold parties often.

7. Make good use of garden elements

You can’t have a blooming garden during the winter months. You can still showcase the potential of your garden with features like planters, large urns, rock walls, and benches.

8. Clear all pathways of ice

Icy pathways can turn off potential buyers. So itā€™s a good idea to clear all pathways of ice before each showing. Your visitors should have no difficulty walking around the house.

9. Decorate your home for the holidays

Make your home as attractive as possible with festive twinkling lights and a decorated Christmas tree. That said, don’t go overboard. If your house looks cluttered with holiday decorations, it will turn off visitors.

During the winter months, the number of houses on the real estate market is relatively low. That means your house will get a little more attention. And to make it stand out from the rest, you just need to pay attention to the details.

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