Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

December brings with it a lot of tasks that you need to complete to keep your home comfortable and secure. It is also the right time to prepare your home improvement plans for the coming year. The first big snowfall of the season usually hits in December. This annual ritual also gives you an opportunity […]

Tips for Selling Your Home During the Winter

House hunting doesn’t look very appealing during the cold winter months. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t sell your home during winter. Here are 9 ways to prepare your home for potential buyers during the cold winter months. 1. Light a fire Got a fireplace? Welcome your visitors by lighting a fire. It doesn’t […]

How to Prepare a Fireplace for Winter

Winter is coming. Now is the time to prepare a great fireplace for your home. A fireplace is the best way to create a relaxing warm ambience and to enhance your interior. An average homeowner should be able to do most of the cleaning and inspections associated with preparing a fireplace. However, if you feel […]

Fall and Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Now that the colder months are here, it’s a great time to consider doing some maintenance to your home. Not only can you prepare for the winter weather that’s ahead, you can add value to your home by doing the right improvements and fixes. Some home maintenance jobs can be done by you, and some […]