Online Home Sales are Changing the Real Estate Business

It’s a fact that online sales in general have dominated the shopping experiences of many people, no matter what they are looking for. The real estate industry has seen a huge change in online home sales due to the ability to buy online.

Before the days of the Internet, home buyers looked at papers for print ads of homes. While some still search for homes this way, most prefer to browse and eventually purchase real estate online. And they’re doing it on big real estate sites, too. According to The National Association of Realtors, more than three fourths of buyers begin their home search on the web.

So how can local agencies compete? Well, it turns out that nothing can take the place of a local real estate agent or broker. They know the area firsthand, and they can help buyer find homes with special features like great views. Plus, nothing beats the personal service of an agent or broker who genuinely cares.

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