Online Home Sales are Changing the Real Estate Business

It’s a fact that online sales in general have dominated the shopping experiences of many people, no matter what they are looking for. The real estate industry has seen a huge change in online home sales due to the ability to buy online. Before the days of the Internet, home buyers looked at papers for […]

Why Your Big Data Reporting Needs to be Actionable

Big data is still a relatively less understood concept. It is true that almost everybody has heard about it. Several builders and brokers have also started working on it. Nonetheless, it may take years before big data becomes a mainstream concept, at least in the real estate industry. Most real estate companies do not have […]

Big Data Adoption: Opportunities & Challenges


Though there is widespread acknowledgment about the many advantages associated with big data, some skewed and somewhat volatile trends have surfaced. Many real estate organizations are trying to “sample” big data. Some firms hire a data solutions provider for a few months. The pilot big data project is run for about 2 to 3 months. […]