Making the Most of Your Email Marketing Campaign

Many marketers know that email is an important medium for reaching target audiences. The challenge is to ensure that the business emails they send do not end up in the spam box. Hundreds of billions of emails are sent very year, but it is estimated that almost 70% of these are marked as spam.

email2bAs email service providers continue to get better and better at identifying and separating spam from the inbox, marketers should strive to ensure that their emails are categorized as relevant. Running an email campaign is a quick, easy and cheap way of reaching a mass amount of your target audience, and here are some great ideas on how you can make it successful.

Tip#1: Indoctrinate your subscribers.

When new subscribers join your list, ensure that you have an email auto responder in place to explain to them what your business is all about. In most cases, visitors come to your website via other pages, so they will not be necessarily reading about your company and what you do. Have a quick email sequence that introduces your business, how you can help the subscribers and what they can expect from you in the coming day. In this way you build trust and condition them to read your future emails.

Tip #2: Craft an irresistible subject line.

The body of your email might be excellent, but all this will be fruitless if nobody opens your email to read it. If you have ever done an email campaign before, check and confirm which subject lines were most effective. A good subject line should be short and sweet, and should create interest and urgency. However, be careful not to appear cheap, spammy or misleading. The title should be an accurate reflection of the email’s content.

Tip #3: Captivate people with your writing.

Adopt a conversational tone that is easy to read. Sprinkle some humor and lightheartedness when you can, but do not depart from your company’s persona. It is best if one talented employee is tasked with crafting the emails. Always remember that a key goal of email marketing is to spark and cultivate a relationship with your current and potential clients. Engage your readers, and then include a call to action (CTA).

Tip #4: Use a newsletter service.

You are losing out if you haven’t signed up with an email marketing service provider. You can create attractive, mobile-friendly emails – a very significant factor given the ubiquity of mobile devices. It also becomes easier to manage email lists, add forms and sign-ups to your site and track email analytics. If you have been managing every aspect your email newsletters, allow a cloud service to do some of the work and you will end up with more time on your hands.

Most business owners tend to pay too much attention to social media such that they end up forgetting the importance of a robust mailing list. If you want to increase traffic to your website and engage your clients more, start optimizing your emails immediately.



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