Tips for Building Your Email List

Tips for Building Your Email ListEmail lists are valuable marketing assets as they can improve your revenue if they are well managed. But many business owners struggle when it comes to developing an email list. You need to get your messages out to as many people as possible to make sales and this is only possible if you build a relevant subscriber list. Here are a few tips to help your business grow an email list:

Ask People to Sign Up

Make it possible for people to sign up for your email list by providing a visible link on your site. The link should be placed on the homepage to increase visibility. You can also use a signup form to get people to subscribe.

Offer Great Content

Great content allows you to get genuine subscribers. It is easier to get people to sign up if they are interested and excited about the information you offer. Some of the content you can use includes product updates, special offers and practical guides.

Simplify Signup Process

Make it easy for people to sign up for your emails. Avoid asking your site visitors for too many details when they are signing up. This can reduce your conversion rates significantly. Your priority should be to get their email addresses. You can always ask them to personalize the information they receive afterwards.

Guest Blogging

Blogging on other people’s sites gives you an opportunity to share information with a larger audience and build your list. It is also a great way to sell your brand. Include links at the bottom of each post to allow users to link to your site. The links should take visitors to an optimized landing page to allow you to capture as many emails as possible.

Give Incentives

Incentives will give users a reason to sign up for your list. Offer value to encourage them. Run a contest on your site and give prizes for those who sign up. You can also provide access to your premium content such as a whit paper or file that is only available to subscribers. The idea is to make users feel like they are getting something exclusive. Use graphics to give visitors an idea of what they will receive once they sign up.

Create Effective Landing Page

Landing pages play an important role in conversion rates. A great landing page will maximize conversions. You need to include a call to action on your landing page to build your list.

Utilize Social Networks

Using social networks can help you add thousands of subscribers on your email list. These networks can also make it easier for you to establish great relationships with potential customers. Twitter and Facebook are particularly effective. You can include signup forms or links to your sites on these networks.

Article Marketing

This is a wonderful way to get people to access your content and sign up for emails. Provide links on the articles to make it easy for visitors to visit your site. Make sure the articles are related to the information that you intend to include in the emails you send out to subscribers.

Take advantage of these tips to get more people to subscribe to your emails. They will make it easier to convert those interested leads into customers!

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