Tips for Effective Email Blasts

email-blast1It is not surprising that there are people who still cannot differentiate email blasts from spam. This is basically because many email blasts are poorly created and executed, leading to them becoming a nuisance to those receiving them. However, not all email blasts are shoddily done; there are those that are created with planning and a detailed customer-focused mind. Here, we offer the best practices that a business can utilize in engaging customers, designing effective email templates and successful sending them to the target lead.

Brand positioning and design

Always bear in mind that you are not the only company sending emails to a specific customers, so it is paramount that you incorporate in your messages and explicitly visible branding element that will always ring in the individuals mind when you send another email. The branding element may be a color scheme, logo, symbol or a unique business phrase.

Call to action slogan

Give a clear purpose of the message you are sending. Are you trying to introduce a new product? Or are you trying to market your website content? A good way to make sure you drive your intended point home is by creating a luring call to action phrase. Show your specialty by showing how you can help customers solve a problem, save a significant amount of their time or save them some money.

Straight to the point message

It is human nature to avoid long messages. A short and clear message is likely to be read by many especially in this era where many individuals are accessing their emails using mobile phones. Convey your message in short sentences if you want to increase your customers’ response rate.

Use images

Images can convey more information about a product or service more than a lengthy text. Make use of pictures in your email blasts, but always consider the file size as not so many people can wait for a lengthy download to complete.

One important thing you should always remember is to add a descriptive text to each image you use. This will enable users to read the text even if they don’t download the image. It will also be work well for people who suffer from vision impairment and depend on the devices to read emails to them.


The time you send an email blast is very essential and can greatly influence the response. Though there is no definite criterion to come up with the best time, trial and error can help you keep track of the best time to send your message.

Links to your social sites

Incorporate in your email blast links to your social media. Always ask clients to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and any other social site. This will lead to customers developing a connection with your company.


Emotions are paramount in email blasts; make sure that the tone of your text aligns to the nature of the product or services you are offering. For example, if you are selling security product the tone should be serious.

Use hyperlinks

Sometimes you may require your clients to read some important information on your website or any other point. Providing a hyperlink can help audiences learn more about your company.

Email marketing can be successful in any business, but it all depends on the various practices you utilize in your email blasting. It is also important for you to measure the success of your email results so that you can make improvements in your email blast campaign where necessary.

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