Case Study: The Actual Value of a Mortgage Lead List and How This Data Improved Sales

CASE STUDYClient Requirement:

  • The head of marketing at a mortgage lender had complaints from his loan officers on the quality of the leads he was providing, so he asked to review a recent mortgage lead list to better understand the quality of the leads and the total opportunity. The head of marketing indicated that he spent $660,000 on the list that provided 22,000 leads. His loan officers closed 520 loans from the list resulting in $2,800,000 gross revenue. Solution

  • proposed LeadXL Performance to provide a clearer picture of the total opportunity of the lead list. LeadXL Performance found that 7,500 loans out of the 22,000 leads closed and that that the totally opportunity was $38,000,000 versus $2,800,000.

Client Results:

  • For a small fraction of the price of the lead list, the client quickly learned the total opportunity of the lead list. He also gained insight into operational changes needed to increase their closing rate and a better understanding of the value of lead analytics. The client added a second product, LeadXL Gatekeeper, to further improve his team’s ability to be smarter and more efficient about closing loans.

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