6 Reasons to Use Vine and Instagram Videos

Twitter recently launched a new mobile service that allows users to capture and share short videos. Popularly known as Vines, these six second videos are fast emerging as the most popular content marketing tool. Instagram also allows you to share short videos. So it looks like the short social video is the next big thing in content marketing.

Short social videos have to be super creative and snappy. Videos on Vine are six seconds or less. Instagram videos are 15 seconds or less. These videos also come pre-loaded with social sharing buttons. Vine is a Twitter property, so you have the option of embedding your Vine videos in in stream tweets.

If you are a sucker for flexible and intuitive content creation tools, you will enjoy the opportunities offered by these platforms. Visual content is more engaging than text or audio. Needless to say, people are more likely to share short social videos than longer ones. Researches reveal that 5 Vine videos are being shared every second. That means nearly half a million Vines get shared in a day.

Here is why these short social videos are gaining popularity:

They’re quite simple

You know how hard it is to create a good video. Editing is even harder. However, these smart tools simplify the whole video-making process. So even if you lack the right skills, you can still shoot an elegant video using their basic toolset and interface.

They are short

These videos are short so they don’t test your patience. Since we all tend to suffer from attention deficit disorder, all video marketers should learn to respect their audience’s time.

If you want your internet videos to be popular, you need to make them shorter and tighter. This wouldn’t be possible without editing. 

Broad application

The new content creation tools and platforms allow anybody with a smartphone to create a video. Of course, not everybody can do it well, but with a little patience and practice, a short video can soon go viral.

So what can you create with these great tools?

Well, the possibilities are endless. You can create just about any kind of video. However, the following types of videos seem to be more popular:

Useful how-to’s

Short videos that share useful tricks and tips are always popular. They offer a solution to a problem the consumer already faces. These are examples of highly useful visual content that makes the customer smarter.

The bigger story

In recent times, Target used short-form videos to show what makes it different. So if you have a great story, you can perhaps tell that in a short video.

Glimpses from behind-the-scenes

Videos that offer a glimpse of behind the scene activities also become popular. Café Moka recently launched a short video that shows how their barista creates leaf-like designs on the top of the latte.

Offer the visual experience

Launch videos that allow customers to envision themselves using your service. Show them what exactly the experience will be like.


Create contests. They are the smartest way to create engagement. They also encourage more and more people to sign up for your email-list.

Of course, these are only some of the ideas. If you are truly creative, you will be able to use short videos in many more ways.


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