5 tips for prospecting a whole new way to Leveraging data

Leveraging data provides agents and brokers with action items and opportunities they can execute right now.

With the many avenues made available to real estate agents for lead generation — and all the wooing of  buyers and sellers that has to be done even after money has been paid out for online leads and portal placement — one has to stop and ask if the ROI is worth it.

Well, Angela Raab, senior director of training delivery with Realogy, shares that data hacking is a solid way forward.

Data hacking, she said during her Inman Connect talk, are, “Tech tools that will change how you prospect for listings.” It allows agents to save money, maintain control and stay agile.

Here are the three rules for data hacking:

  1. Identify those micro moments (that’s when people first have to make a buying or selling decision)
  2. Quantify the criteria
  3. Delegate the searches, never the search criteria

Now that you have the rules, here are the five data hacks that agents can take advantage of today that don’t cost much, if anything:

  1. MLS leased search
  2. Charlie + appointment + keywords
  3. Tax data to identify portfolios
  4. Farming: look for nine years since sold, minus 18-month search radius
  5. School redistricting

As an example w hen Raab’s area was redistricted, she sold four homes to people wanting to stay in the school district.

How did she do that? All you need to do is search for schools with high test scores and low registration rates (you can get all of that information from the school board public records). Then start marketing to people in those areas.

“Data hacking allows you — the agent — to be in control and allows you to not have to spend a lot of money to do it,” Raab said.


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