3 Ways To Use Property Data to Target the Most Profitable Markets

Your business relies on the quality of your data. Ensuring that you have access to the most comprehensive data on the market allows you to find the information you need to reach your target audiences and drive revenue growth. Here are three ways to use our property data to laser in on the most important data.

Use iLeads Data to Scout Out Distressed Property Owners

As one of the most coveted real estate target markets, distressed property owners offer the promise of below market value and sky-high ROI. Because of that, struggling home owners are in high demand, with many potential buyers looking to snap up promising properties for less.

iLeads.com offers more than 150 million U.S. property parcels on home ownership information, sales deeds and mortgages, and pre-foreclosure and foreclosure activity. You can find distressed home owners with our extensive data on – notice of default, auction, and bank-owned properties.

Find Homeowners Looking to Move

In addition, you can also use iLeads.com’s real estate data to find home owners who are most likely to move soon. Our data can be used to find properties past their foreclosure auction or currently going through repossession. We aggregate data from more than 100 million properties – including data on mortgage history, ownership, foreclosure, and valuations. These factors can be used to deduce how likely a homeowner is to move in the near future.

Target New Borrowers

Our dynamic data solutions allow you to source targeted properties within select markets or zip codes, which you can use to curate highly-targeted marketing lists to increase your response rates and drive revenue. Many marketing list brokers target new borrowers, who have refinanced their homes or who have received home equity lines of credit. You can use iLeads.com’s data to draw upon wide-reaching and accurate valuations, mortgage loans, and recorder data to target thousands of new borrowers.

How Direct Marketing List Brokers Can Utilize iLeads.com

The more thorough and targeted your lists, the greater the returns. You can use iLeads.com to help you find the most promising target markets quickly and efficiently. Curious to find out more about what our property data can achieve for you? Find out more here.


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