2 Million Leads Analyzed Per Month

Over 2 million mortgage loans leads are analyzed monthly by iLeads.com. Three of the largest mortgage lenders in the U.S. use iLeads.com for insight on every lead and three of the largest lead aggregators use iLeads.com to analyze their marketing spend.Ā 

The iLeads.com LeadXL suite of products provide lead analytics to organizations to solve their most pressing business challenges by supplementing client data assets and performing custom analysis to provide fact-based and actionable business insights.

LeadXL has a massive, proprietary database that contains residential property and ownership data on 99.8% of US households. Over 2 million mortgage loan leads run through the LeadXL data platform monthly (comprising nearly 90% of the Internet mortgage lead volume) giving a greater knowledge of who is funding, what is funding, and how many leads are funding than any other source.

With these unique data assets, LeadXL can help clients analyze and pinpoint opportunities that others will miss. LeadXL works with any lead source and can provide results with as little information as an individualā€™s name and valid postal address.

The LeadXL team makes the lead analytics process seamless for clients. They identify business needs, develop data strategies, create and deploy a self-service analytic dashboard, and manage and support clients for optimum utilization of the data and analysis. LeadXL products are affordable and can be deployed quickly to help organizations make more smart data-driven decisions.

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