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LeadXL is the Suite of Smart Data & Analytics Solutions Built for Homeowner Customer Acquisition and Retention

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LeadXL is a complete suite of lead analytic solutions that empower the most comprehensive insight into leads.  By leveraging the underlying home's key financial indicators, leads are instantly enhanced with current title, lien, tax, valuation sales history, comparable sales, property characteristics, and more. This gives you more insight into every lead and guides your sales and marketing efforts to focus on the right opportunities.  In fact, through the LeadXL suite, over 90% of the U.S. Internet mortgage lead volume is analyzed monthly. As a result, iLeads knows more about:  who is funding, what is funding, and how many leads are funding than any other source.

The LeadXL Suite Pinpoints

LeadXLFinancial Indicators On Any Lead By Analyzing Homeownership

The LeadXL Analytic Suite

quickly pinpoint key financial indicators on any lead by analyzing the underlying home.  We use the up-to-date title, lien, tax, valuation sales history, comparable sales, property characteristics, and more to analyze over 145+ million properties in the U.S in real-time. We call it Collateral Analytics, you’ll call it more originations from your lead sources.

Collateral Analytics
LeadXL Suite

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Not All Leads Are Equal

GateKeeper provides real-time API-driven collateral analysis coupled with loan-type suggestions.

GateKeeper shows mortgage lenders the leads that WILL fund and then provides the data to close the loans!



Competitive Intelligence

Performance provides monthly visibility into the quantity, type and funding metrics of your business vs. your competition. No more wondering if you were funding all that you should from your leads. Performance tells you the whole story.


Mine Your CRM

Revive brings the mortgage leads in your CRM back to life.

Revive will show you the exact leads in your CRM to work now. Revive knows. Now you can too.


Call Center Qualification

RealTag delivers an instant property-based background check to bring homeownership insight to every call interaction.

Adding RealTAG to your call center or sales floor will give you the data to close every phone call.

LeadXL Blends Banking Level Property Data With
Intelligent Lead Analytics

LeadXL Suite

Helps Lenders Leverage Data & Analytics to Increase…

LeadXL Suite

Helps Lenders Leverage Data & Analytics to Decrease…

LeadXL Drives Marketing and Lead Purchase Decisions

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