Writing Press Releases for Your Business

Press releases are a vital part of marketing for any company. This is especially true if you are a small business. You need journalists and readers to talk and share your information. That is the whole point of a press release.

PressWriting press releases can seem like a daunting task at first. Here are some helpful guidelines to follow:

Newsworthy subject matter

Before you start writing your press release, you need to choose a specific topic. No matter what your business does, the chosen topic needs to be newsworthy. This means the subject in question needs to be some engaging, new, and interesting. Is your company expanding, for example? Are you introducing a new product? It also needs to be relevant to readers. So, if it’s somehow connected to the community or a specific important figure, thatā€™s newsworthy. An example would be if your company is making a donation towards a charitable cause.

The whole story needs to show how your company impacts the surrounding community and why. This not only makes a newsworthy story but will put your business on the map. Any important names and faces that can be added to your press release will make your story even more important. To sum it up, importance is key. The more important the story, the better.

Writing the title and body

Naturally, the content is imperative to the press release. However, the title is just as important. Your title needs to be specific and direct. As most people scroll through news, your title needs to say exactly what the press release is about. If your title is vague, you will get very few clicks. If your title is too long, it may be lost in the news feed. Also, the lettering is important. The title should be written in bold lettering, while the subheading in italics. This makes your title easier to see while also adding an air of professionalism.

The body is the hardest part. While it must be engaging and easy to read, avoid verbose language. While descriptive words are great for a novel, for a press release data is key. Keep the language easy to read and the actual content must be filled with information. Another important aspect is the length. While there is no exact number of words that you should stick to, avoid repeating yourself. If you have already explained that the business is hiring a vast number of people, don’t repeat it down the line. Rather, write about the how, what, where, when, and why. By expanding on the subject, you are further explaining the vital points to the readers without boring them.

You should also always add quotes. Whether it is something the CEO said or an expert in the field, they must be added. Quotes add further interest in your press release. Also, they are easier for journalists to use in their own articles. This, again, means more readers and more shares. The whole point is to reach as many people as possible and inform them of your company.

Of course, grammar and spelling must be perfect. Any mistakes, even if they are only typos, will be viewed as unprofessional. There are many online grammar checkers as well as spell checkers. This will save you the time of reading and re-reading your article. Even with these aids, take the time to read the article out loud. If something sounds out of place, remove it.

The About Us section

You must add an “about us” section at the end of your press release. This is vital in order for journalists to easily write about your company. In this section, you need to write about when the company was established, what you do, and where. A little interesting history is also a nice touch. Finally, this must be finished with your contact information. In order for journalists to write about your company, they need to be able to contact you. Forgetting this vital piece of information would be a great mistake.

To sum it all up, there are many important factors to a good press release:

  • The subject matter needs to be relevant, engaging, and important.
  • The title needs to be informative and direct. People only skim through the news feed, so make sure that the title is written in bold letters.
  • The content must be grammatically correct. Any mistakes will make your company look sloppy.
  • The actual content needs to be fact-filled and interesting. Avoid repeating yourself and while being professional maintain an easy language.
  • Finally, let the reader know about the company and how they can contact you. This last part is possibly the most important.

By following this simple guide, you are guaranteed to write great press releases. Now you just have to start writing!


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