The Best Tech Tools for Small Businesses

Operating your small business and seeing it thrive involves a lot of hard work and self-sacrifice. There are many tech tools available in the market that will help you to manage and organize almost every aspect of your small business.

marketingtechnologyChoosing the right tech tools to grow your business can be very tough. There is not adequate time to look for and test each and every tool in your small business so we’ve done the work for you! We have gathered a list of tech tools that are worth using in every aspect of your business.


Duda functions smart on website design. Duda provides the simplest and the most affordable platform for a small business to get their websites planned and running.


Trinet functions best on HR outsourcing. Outsourcing non-essential jobs are the key to efficiency and productivity. Trinet provides a way for your small business to get rid of all HR functions virtually. The company handles the payroll, management and compliance and all the associated data.


Todoist can be found in mobile and web apps which function quick to-do lists, and it offers an easy way to boost your business productivity and efficiency.Todoist offers functions such as the ability to divide projects into sub-tasks with separate timelines, sub-projects, email notifications, sharing and collaborating, and intuitive dates.


Dapulse works well for project management. Dapulse is the best tool for project management that allows everyone involved to see what is happening in the business. Managers create projects that have goals that are clearly stated and delegated specific tasks to every individual department. The progress towards the goal is updated in real time without not having to chase anybody up and down for immediate feedback, and also intermediate jobs are less likely to fall.


Modulus is best for app hosting. Small businesses today are launching an increasing number of apps. Modulus provides a flexible hosting platform that allows enables small businesses to host, scale, and deploy apps virtually with no lead time. Modulus platform offers unified scaling as your application grows and smart analytics to track your business activity and performance.


Oomph performs well at print to digital conversion. Oomph is the most cost-effective tech tool in advertising. Oomph converts print ads into digital ads. Oomph allows you to create rich media ad content for smartphones and tablets and also desktops that are ready for publication.


Tiplati functions best on payments and compliance of business. Tipalti makes work easier that companies want to perform themselves. The tasks include managing payments to partners and suppliers across the borders and in compliance with regulatory and tax laws.


Hootsuite is known to be the most popular platform for social media management. With Hootsuite, you can manage and operate all of your social media profiles in one place. Hootsuite also allows you to view analytics, share and collaborate with team members, and schedule posts to publish.


Asana functions smart to improving communication. Asana is a mobile and web application created and designed to helping teams improving the communication, organization, sharing and collaboration.


Concur functions best on expenses management. Many small businesses manage their costs by requesting their employees to collect receipts. Concur digitizes expense reporting taking the paper out of it. Concur integrates the platform that enables for transparency and analytics. With concur, you can oversee and manage to spend as it occurs in the financial departments.


Trello is a visual way to manage and organize your projects. Trello is a flexible tech tool specialized in tracking the tasks for your team members and the overall progress of your business.

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