Wiz Websites Launched by iLeads.com to Complement Insurance and Mortgage Verticals

Wednesday, December 10, 1997 — Newport Beach, CA

iLeads.com announced today the launch of Wiz websites to increase online presence and generate more leads.

Drew Warmington, the founder of iLeads.com, announces the company’s launch of the Wiz family of websites. The websites provide life insurance and mortgage refinance quotes from experts in the agent network.

Our goal is to help consumers save money on their life insurance and mortgage. Our agent network carefully selects highly-rated term life companies that specialize in favorable rates for different risks,” said Mr. Warmington.

Mr. Warmington explained, “All the consumer has to do is fill out a short profile, and our network impartially shops in order to find the most competitive prices and home loans.

At a time when the Internet is fast becoming one of the most competitive marketplaces, iLeads is raising the bar with its innovation and versatility. The company sees the Wiz websites as an effective way to reach more consumers in a wider audience.

About iLeads.com

Since 1996 iLeads.com has been an innovator of online insurance lead generation. Serving well over [customer_count] clients since inception, iLeads.com continues to deliver a steady stream of convertible leads every month to our clients. Through its partnership with CoreLogic (www.corelogic.com), iLeads.com has been a leader in using data to enhance, analyze, score and verify the accuracy of the data contained within internet insurance leads.

Media Inquiries
Media Contact: Drew Warmington
Title: CEO and Managing Partner
Phone: 1-877-245-3237 ext. 113
Email: dwarmingtoni@ileads.com

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