Video Marketing Tips for Your Business

Today, video marketing has become the lifeblood of online promotional activities. When people see huge chunks of text, they skim through pages and they often miss the most relevant messages that a business wants to convey. That is exactly where the importance of incorporating video into the text comes into play.

business-video-ts-100595032-primary.idgeVarious research studies clearly suggest that YouTube is the third most visited website in the world and this fact exemplifies the true power of videos. It is always advisable to capitalize the unlimited possibilities of videos to make your SEO efforts highly effective and result-oriented. Here are the most important online video marketing tips that you need to follow:

Show the human side using videos 

Many business owners make the mistake of imitating TV commercials and big brands. In this digital world, you need to realize that an iPhone video shot at your desk creates the same impact and value like the videos made using professional equipment, script writers and directors. There is a place for amateur videos of all levels and the most popular You Tubers usually do not get their loyal fan base by spending thousands of dollars on equipment, directors and script writers.

The bottom line is that you need to create whimsically appealing but simple videos and they should show the human side of your business. It is always advisable to show the behind-the-scenes of your office or product and, a concise and actionable video always teaches the potential customers something new. In other words; it speaks about a unique story and also talks about your brand values in a crystal clear manner.

Focus on optimizing video for search engines

Professional video marketing sites like YouTube always help you reach your target audience. In order to achieve the true potential of video marketing, you have to develop an SEO strategy that promotes your videos in the best possible manner. Like any other leading search engines, YouTube has different types of ranking factors and they include social shares, favorites and Thumps Up and Thumbs Down, video retention, subscribers after watching and comments as well.

Your videos should be at least five minutes long and the keywords should be added to the video file name. When you tag your video, you get higher ranking for the desired keyword and such a method of approach always helps your video appear immediately next to other videos on the same subject. Last but not the least, optimizing your description also deserves special attention.

Make use of social media platforms strategically 

You need to utilize the rising popularity of social media platforms to generate interest among people and it can be done by making use of innovative options like introducing new valuable how-to’s, opting for video adds and offering funny but short daily videos.

The bottom line is that long, static and boring texts no longer create a captivating influence on the visitors. It’s a good idea to create short, beautiful and well-crafted videos that capture the true essence of your marketing message to make visitors more engaging and attentive as well. This approach helps you to harness the true power of video marketing for your business.

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